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Potager update

Last weekend had the most delicious sunshine which made for an amazing change from the usual weekend weather.

So in between ferrying various sons here, there and everywhere, Himself and I continued to work in the garden. The large potager now has a number of the new beds filled with the most yumpcious home grown compost - as a result of more luck than good garden husbandry I have to add.

The smaller potager - which I have ear marked as the 'Saladary' is now in action as Youngest and I have sown radish and various salad crops (hence the name).

As usual the weekend evaporated with indecent haste - and as I have twisted my knee - gardening has been put on hold (temporarily) while my knee starts to feel well again. Any hoo - that's what happens when you are a stampcrab*!

*Isn't that a wonderful word? I learnt it on Monday and it means heavy footed or clumsy.

Post script...
A day or two has passed since I wrote this post and my knee is behaving surprisingly well, well enough to do a little bit of tentative gardening and to be able to return to volunteering at the walled garden on Thursday - I am so looking forward to being out there again :)
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I am keeping a record of all the goings on in the two Potagers  on The Potager gardens 2017 page.


  1. I now have a new pair of secateurs. And new garden gloves. I can snip, chop, dreaded brambles but cannot bend yet to pick up. Have been promised by Him indoors that if I miss the trug he will clear. Cant wait.

    1. There is something rather satisfying having a go at brambles and creating a clearing - be careful though, don't over do it!

  2. Keep on inspiring us please!!

  3. It's sure looking different to when we saw it last year. Progress is sometimes slow, but I can see the changes even from afar. Ooh, back in the walled garden, how exciting, but don't overdo it. OK? Have a lovely end of week & take care.

  4. I would never call you a stampcrab...hope knee gets well soon. Look forward to see your saladary change from brown earth to green salad plants. Nice and handy for your garden and being a raised bed everything will be easy and convenient to maintain and harvest. xx

  5. Stealing "stampcrab" for my own use, thank you very much! Glad your knee is on the mend.

    I love your use of bricks, they look great.

  6. Mr GBT is making plans for the raised beds he built last year. So far we have onions peeping out. It gladdens the heart to see a violet doesn't it. I suggest you don't drop by my blog tomorrow then as I've just scheduled a post about slugs!

  7. Such an exciting time of year waiting for things to grow (or not) My radishes seem to have disappeared :(

  8. Glad to read your knee is recovering. Just don't be tempted to do too much! I hope the better weather returns soon.....


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