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The music and magic of knit and natter

There is something satisfying about the sound of the gentle clack of knitting needles as they provide the background rhythm to our conversation. The rasp of the tapestry thread as it pulls through the canvas.
Even quieter is the fluid swish of the crochet hook, which requires you to listen very carefully, providing a graceful base note.
Tuesday is our knit and natter day, where we meet and chat and although I suspect we craft less and chat more. It is not so much the creating of wips but more the creating and strengthening of bonds.
We swap stories, we sympathise and we interject our 'two pence worth'. It is our way of keeping connected not only with each other and our lives but keeping us connected with the greater world.
We hear of village news..... did you hear so-in-so's funeral was last week?, we share family anecdotes ..... The fish tank has settled down and the new blue light at night looks good,  we keep each other up to date with local politics ..... that ridiculous ruling the council was trying to slip in has been dropped! ... and so on.
In between the weaving of conversations and the looping of yarn, we drink tea or coffee, hot lemon water and hot chocolate accompanied by frequently passed around treats. Each week we celebrate a goodly selection of calorific naughties, essential and forbidden in the same breath! Fruit and nutty crunchy oat biscuits, chocolate coated digestives, heart shaped lemon shortbread,  freshly made still slightly warm biscuits, fruit cake, lemon drizzle, Viennese whirls, wicked millionaire shortbread ... the list goes on, the selection only limited by our own imagination.
 Some weeks we resort to hastily purchased treats in the haze of a busy day and others we are swamped by frenzied baking which produces tasty delights, demoting the knitting and crochet to forgotten wips on our laps as we chat and chew and connect.
We are an eclectic mix, students, housewives, retired, grannies, mothers, self employed. We are who we are and we should be proud of the magic we can weave, our knitting pins and our crochet hooks are our wands and the yarn is the spell. I look forward to our circle of friendship and the magic we bind.
Now, much later, in the evening quiet of my home, I pick up my hook to continue the undulating pattern of my blanket. I am on my last row. Time to think of a border, time to think of a new project. My blanket on my lap has been privy to many conversations and is already a guardian of memories and secrets. Soon it will be ready to keep us warm and cozy.
And I find that so very very satisfying.

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Friday 24th March!

Happy TUESDAY to you all


  1. It sounds wonderful. It must be so good to be surrounded by like minded people AND with biscuits and cake! Lovely to see everyone's beautiful work. X

  2. Sounds a great group.

    Julie xxxxxx

  3. What a beautiful post. I felt my blood pressure going down !

  4. I'm not sure but I'm suspecting you are a group of women?...I believe in these gatherings so much and even if its a large or small group it's good for the soul indeed! 3 friends and I try to have a lunch at one or anothers house once a month to chatter and exchange ideas and it's always refreshing and YUMMY!

  5. Oh, great post & wish we had some little group like that here, so I could join in. Everything here is way to "organised". All the projects being worked on look lovely and your rug has certainly grown. Look forward to seeing it's border. As the weather cools down here, I hope to fish out my cupcake rug & get the borders done too. Take care.

  6. Your description of our afternoon of knitting and nattering was so accurate that I don't feel I need to add anything to it. Lovely post. xx

  7. You've captured beautifully the joys of craft groups and your hope will hold all those memories as it keeps you cozy and warm X

  8. lovely to see the various projects, you make the knit and natter sound so wonderful

  9. It all sounds wonderful, particularly your menu which is enough to send my blood sugar levels into a quivering mess !!!

  10. Looking good...I'm hopefully going to a knit and natter this Saturday morning. Hope we get lots done...poppies for a river of poppies. x

  11. It sounds so welcoming, very centring. Beautiful blanket xx

  12. I will add another essential of our Knit N Knatter meetings that I think Hawthorn omitted! Problem-solving... I had a knitting problem which was solved by the knowledgeable lady modelling the beautiful 'pink' shawl. Now I just need to find time to put my new knowledge into practice....

  13. That all sounds so lovely, it sounds like you have a great group of people to knit and crochet with. The blanket is so colorful!

  14. Lovely post and lovely photographs. Your knitting/crochet is so very colourful. Sounds great to get with others and knit and natter.

  15. How wonderful it would be to have a group like that! Sounds like bliss.


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