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It's not just for the birds you know ...

There are some things that the weather can not stop. Knitting, eating, shopping, housework.  

And dog walking.

Sunday seemed to slip quietly, predominantly grey with streaks of ash-blue clouds punctuated by bands of rain. In the mild insipid gaps between the drizzle I gathered the boys and Moss and we set off for our 'local dog loop'. The village is fortunate enough to have benefitted from the altruistic generosity of a bygone philanthrope who left a rounded lumpy hill top field to the people of the neighbouring three villages. There had been a provisor that the council would mow the undulating grounds with the ultimate ownership being the villages.
We recently heard (due to the vigilance of a fellow dog walker) that the council were quietly trying to bring in some rather draconian measures, controlling the access of the fields to dog walkers. In an instant the dog walking community were up in arms as, though we live in easy access to the countryside, we have very little free running, ball chasing, dog playing space.
Like all bullies when stood up against, the council backed down -  the land is not theirs any way. Besides, apart from foolhardy weather worn dog walkers and weekend football leagues - who else uses this wonderfully lumpy windswept hill top? 
Actually there are some others that frequently do .... gulls. Especially after the rain. The field is most accommodating and holds large sheets of water, perfect if you are a water bird ....

Or a soggy Moss dog. 
Moss, completely unaware of the events, celebrated the reaffirmation that our field is free from petty officialdom (for now) by running and running and running. Showing mud and puddles no mercy. 

While, we flounder in wellies and warm coats, trying not to slip. 
Happy dog.

Have lovely and Happy Monday!


  1. Oh my goodness....that's a lot of puddle! x

  2. Yes, an enormous puddle, almost a mini lake made just for a mad Moss dog (and gulls)! But what a happy dirty face. xx

  3. What a wonderful place for dogs to be able to run free, oh, humans & birds too. Don't you dare touch it silly council. I've had enough of councils & what they do here. They are a law unto themselves with no thought for the residents of the shire, here anyway. Have a great week Kate & take care.

  4. How wonderful to have an open area to allow your pet the freedom to run, run, and run some more. We have a dog park but it's a rather small fenced in area. Even at that the dogs can run and play with each other. I think Moss' face says it all.

  5. Lovely pictures, reminds me of Ollie - one of his many (unofficial) names was Mud Magnet.

  6. Miss Moss does scrub up beautifully clean and white! She does have a wonderful life and I am envious of her!


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