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There has been a definite shift away the commercial and imported gift giving over the years, with the return of hand crafted items. I read somewhere that now there are more younger folk knitting that older ones and by some considerable margin. I was late to the party - only started to knit 'properly' a couple years ago and learning to crochet a couple of years before that, however I certainly am making up for lost time.
Something else I have learnt - the hard way - is not every one appreciates or even wants an item that I have spent hours making. Every stitch needs personal involvement, personal thought and definitely imbibed with love and care. Yet, when the recipient's face falls, however imperceivable, as the crafter you can't help but notice it. Their polite disappointment is confirmed when the item is never seen worn or thoughtlessly left somewhere or sadly, still unworn is relegated to a charity shop.
The worst offense in my eyes occurred some years ago, when a knitting friend gifted a beautiful scarf for a mutual acquaintance in all her favourite shades. It was beautifully crafted and thoughtfully given.
Only for it to be left in a cinema a week later with no attempt at a rescue and said mutual 'friend' commenting as she shook her head  'well it was only hand made ...' 
Another phrase I have heard recently is 'knit worthy'. This is the scale you measure a person's worthiness to receive a knitted or crocheted item from you, because you know that your efforts will be treasured and loved .
Handmade is still deemed in certain circles as a 'kind of cheapness'. How wrong they are. The initial cost of yarns and wools, especially the beautiful artisan and local wools, can border on prohibitive. However, if the recipient is 'knit worthy' then the outlay is definitely worth it. You can happily hand over your hard work, all the stitches and patterning, all the late nights as you try to complete by a certain date, knowing you are passing on love and a message - that in each and every action you made during the creating of this item was made for that person, that very person.  
In the same vein are folk who in a 'cheeky sort of manner' almost demand an item to be crocheted or knitted for them - a while ago I received this comment ...'When you've finished that,you can make me one' ... No pleases, no thank yous, no offers to purchase the yarn. Just expectation.
No way.
So, no, don't expect me to knock up a sweater/hat/gloves for you. 
But I will show you how to knit or crochet - it is waaaaay better than going to therapy.....! 
What are your thoughts? 
Have you noticed that shift towards the slow crafts?
Do you get asked to make things for those who have no idea the effort and time and expense?
(deep breath coz I have made myself cross at my misunderstanding) 
have you ever made something for someone and discovered, to your disappointment,
that they are definitely not NOT NOT knitworthy?

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  1. It must be so upsetting to have your work disregarded in some way. I have only made for close family members in the knowledge my work would be welcome, so have not been on the receiving end of such behaviour (thankfully). I like the idea of being knitworthy though. I think it is how I will think of my friends now. 😉 Xx

  2. Great post Kate and yes I've been treated that way. The gift giving bit I sort of tolerate, but when someone asks if they can have something made for them after I've finished one, that really irks me. Or if they say, have you got one of those for me too. Even when they commission something and you tell them the price (I usually undercharge anyway), they question it. Thanks for saying it out loud. Take care. BTW, loving that rug.

  3. Excellent post and exactly the reasons I rarely make things for other people.

    There seems to be two ends of the spectrum - that I've made something because I wanted to do it/ it saves me money so it's as though I've put no thought into it like I would a bought gift. Or if I mention that I've made something someone will say "where's mine", this is the one that really annoys me.

    I think my days of making decorations for the charity shop may be over as the main manager is leaving and she's the one who really seems to appreciate it.

  4. I have...I did...so on the last round of hand-made loveliness I missed them out...giving them a generic shop bought frippery instead...good feeling indeed!! x

  5. Oh how I agree with your post and people's comments so far. I've always known people undervalue the unique hand-crafted items we all make and I have never made anything for anyone because I know they would not value it. I have made 4 quilts as commission but the fabric was paid for in advance on the understanding if they did not like the finished quilt, tough. I did enjoy making the quilts but did it at my pace. I craft for pleasure and not to do it because others can't be bothered to learn!

  6. Thought provoking post. Yes, knitworthyness is important as much work goes into making presents etc. I am not much good at making home made gifts as I am never sure my work is as neat as others. That is why I stick to knitting kitty blankets - they are not fussy!!

  7. Brilliant post - well said. I love that phrase knit worthy - I'll use that as a benchmark from here on. Luckily most people I know appreciate hand made things but I grew up believing that hand made was the cheap option - having to wear those scratchy jumpers when the town girls had lovely shop bought ones! My bad, really. It took my husband years to convince me that my hand knits were appreciated.

  8. Me again; just popping in again to say your blanket is WOW and I am still so very, very envious of it.

  9. Lovely words Kate. It's just the same with patchwork quilts.

  10. I'm also popping back. The colours you are using on that blanket are gorgeous. It will look good on the back of your sofa. It must be nearly finished. xx


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