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Mind the gap♥

When out walking,
you do get so see different things.
This sign
caught my eye...
For two reasons...

One - 'Mind the Gap'
what gap?
Hmmm, I never did find it.
Two - the little blossoms were remarkably heart shaped ...
So, in leiu of the missing gap ....
Their photo taken
and a missing gap 
never found!

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  1. That sign is gorgeous

    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. That's great, but what on earth was the sign all about. Somebody went to a lot of trouble to paint it & make it pretty. If you ever find out, let us all know. Take care.

  3. I agree- weird stuff all the time is discovered when out walking!

  4. An interesting sign! Was it a warning to watch out for GAP students laying in the road... an obscure sign to a tea room? Anyway it is a delightful sign.

  5. .....or how about some poor rail traveller sick of hearing the voice on the tannoy saying 'mind the gap' so he put it somewhere it would start a conversation or comments like we have been having here!! Well spotted anyway. xx

  6. Someone took time to place some art in that sign. I love the tiny hearts, very pretty.


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