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It was dark, damp and drizzly. Fortunately the freeway was quiet as we flew along. We were returning Eldest to uni after a weekend at home.

Apart from the music and the sound of the engine, it was quiet. There was not a lot of conversation as we sat comfortably within the companionable silence. Each occupied by our own thoughts. Himself, driving, was mentally scoring drivers on their ability or inability. He also looks at vehicles and trucks and thinks 'manly-vehicular-machine-boy-toy' type thoughts that I can not comprehend or even chose to. 

Eldest, despite the communal 'in car music' - was plugged into his own. Evidenced by the wires that dangled from beneath his woolly hat he'd pulled firmly down around his ears. Today had been a bit raw with flurries of snow and he was taking no chances. He was in a world of his own.

And me?
These two hours are good. 
Good thinking time. Good planning time. Great for practising gratitude. During the summer months - it is good crochet or knitting time, but this time of the year with the evenings being dark - I retreat inside my mind and think on.

Now, back at home, listening to the wind howling around the house and the fire crackling away, I am ready to start the new week knowing I have mentally organised myself, mentally written lists and notes and checked off the ones I mentally wrote out last week. 

So, how do my wafflings link to the photo? Well, as we drove out on Friday to collect Eldest, I spotted this lvely shop window display in a local florist and was determined to take a picture.

So, now you know!

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Sending hugs to Susan of Granny Smith's Quilting xx


  1. Now that is a "look at me" display. I suppose it's trendy rather than pretty & very different for Valentines day. I'm wondering now, what you are conjuring up for 'the' day. Take care.

  2. I saw that shop window the other day. She does good window dressing affairs. I'm with you on thinking time! It is good to have such time.

  3. Lovely post. I love those companionable silences ones gets on long drives together - each in our own thoughts. Must look out for that florist's window as I pass today. Clever how the heart is made by making an empty space. Enjoy your week mentally crossing off the items on your mentally written list. I write them too but forget what they are if I don't write them down too!! xx

  4. What a wonderfully positive post. In the winter months i too hibernate into my mind and self and now am just emerging again with the beginning of longer days. Hope your week continues well x


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