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Bags of Heart♥

Today's heart is brought to you by the 'bling' I have hanging from my haversack.

Why ... you might ask, 
do I have a clutch of hearts and bells on my haversack?
We all have haversacks and apart Himself's who's is black and grey
the rest of ours are the same brand and colour 
but with slight differences,
so we regularily pick up the wrong bag when out walking.
So, in order to make mine a little different,
and seeing I don't do 'girlie'
a small cluster of hearts and trinkets did the trick nicely :) 
Having taken the photo, I now see there are two more hearts than I knew I had !

Have lovely and Happy Monday!

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See you tomorrow x


  1. The more hearts the better! It's a very pretty embelishment and a good idea.
    Lily has a lilac coloured woolly heart attached to her pre-school bag so she can recognise it easily. X

  2. That's a lot of rucksack for a gentle stroll! I tend to travel light ❤️

    1. That 'expidition' was preparing for our camping holiday and as you can see, one of us was so excited she was already in the car...!

  3. How lovely that your heart has hearts! A great way to mark your own bag.

  4. Great idea! I had to do a similar thing with my College bag as Beloved had the same one; he worked 80 miles away so it would have been quite trickly if he picked up the wrong bag... so I made a length of Kumihimo braid and tied that to my bag; no problems!

  5. That is such a pretty heart. It's amazing how much extra one can see on an enlarged photograph of the real thing. Susan has just found hearts on my doily that I had never noticed. xx


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