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At the heart of the matter♥

Tuesday was our weekly knit and natter,
we met, as we usually do,
laden with cakes or biscuits,
knitting or crochet
sometimes tapestries or cross stitch
We chat.
We put the world to rights
and sometimes we even do a little knitting!
This week there was an important matter
taken to heart ....
Lessons how to crochet hearts  :)
Now that is very appropriate!
My blanket grows, 
but then 
all good things 
are worth the wait.

PS Thank you 'B&YM' for your hearty knit and your modelling skills (top photo) you had us chuckling for quite a while!

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See you tomorrow x


  1. You had a productive time at KnK yesterday, taking all those photos. The one of B&YM's heart filled top is very tasteful. Am very envious of your blanket .... The colours are wonderful.

  2. Great hearts everyone and a day well spent learning. Your blanket is looking good too. See you tomorrow.


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