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My heart♥♥ on a stone

Today's heart is ......
you might as well ask,
What is it?
Walking when the sky is low
and the mist swirls around,
your eyes give up trying to look for the horizon
and your gaze is concentrated on closer views.

As we trudged up a slight hill,
our stop in sight,
along the way was evidence of worked stone.
Old farming posts and fallen walls.
And then,
there was this large stone block.
The small protrusion in the centre caught my eye,
so I returned.
Two curled pieces of metal,
bent down with time.
Giving a quiet little heart. 
It seemed such a proud little shape.
It stood definantly 
in the centre of a huge square plinth.
I stared for a while,
wondering what it really was,
really really was,
before my eyes and my head
turned it into a heart.

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  1. What a clever find, well spotted. But what was it originally? Perhaps the remnants of fencing that had been cut off and the ends folded in to transform them into a non-spikey object if animals/children around?????

  2. It is wonderful what can be seen when we look with new eyes! I am really enjoying your heartathon. Do you think this could have been a Lewis lifting device - for lifting the stone? Just a thought...
    Best wishes

  3. I agree, well spotted. I would most probably have walked right past it. I too had thought it looked as though two sharp ends had been hammered flat for safety. Having now just looked up Lewis Lifting Device I think Ellie might have the right idea. xx

  4. Love your way with words. Making me look round now for hearts !

  5. That is great Kate & you really know how to look at everything around you with an artist's eye. Take care.


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