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Yarny rainbows and rippling blankies - now what is there not to l♥ve??

Tuesday is our knit and natter day and this week it was at my home. So, I gave myself the day off (so no painting) and became the domestic goddess I occasionally aspire to and never quite attain.
After a harrowing few moments as said goddess, I reverted to my true self and went to find my crochet. I knew that my yarn cakes had become a little .... ummmm .... more like birds nests than neat yarny yummies. So what was next? Well a little winding up action of course! 

that is better, 
time well spent I thought too!
It also gave me good thinking time.  I lved doing the heartthon and it was great having friends who joined in. So I am giving a bit of prior notice ... I will be doing it again next year so if you want to join in, start keeping an eye out for hearts and stash them somewhere in your photo-files ready for 2018 - it would be great and I bet you will be surprised how many hearts you have around just waiting to be photo-ed!
I did, in between winding yummy yarn cakes, play with the colours, grading the shades and making gentle rainbows.
Somehow I even managed to bake another lemon drizzle cake, but all the time I kept returning to play with my blanket.
Is it just me or do you also love the gentle rhythm and flow of crochet? The movement of hand and yarn as I work across the row, the undulating stitch creating such movement and magic.
I am trying to be fairly random while creating flowing colours which meld into and compliment the next shade. It has lead to some furrowed thoughtful brows as subtle variations are judged and altered until...  'it feels just right'.
I have, I have to admit, made some interesting colour choices, usually at night when I am crocheting by the soft light of the standard lamp. However, unless the rows are clashing or screaming at each other, I have decided just to go with what happens. It is such a lovely organic way of creating, allowing the waves of colours to arrive almost on their own terms.
Yesterday, as I was pretending to dust and vaguely push the vacuum cleaner around, spots of sunlight tried to squeeze through the clouds. One of these glorious rays managed to light up a small corner of the room. This was just the invitation I needed to fling out my blanket and try and capture the ripply goodness that seems to be growing from my hook.
Sadly that little sunshine soon slipped back behind the grey greich of cloud, but I didn't mind - I just kept on playing with my yarns and my blanket while steadfastly ignoring the housework.  It is happy to wait for me ...

It is getting there!
Thank you again for all the lovely comments over the last couple of weeks 
for all the hearty photos and wafflings.

 I will be listing March's Scavenger Hunt list soon, 
so gird your loins 
(or rather your camera's loins [I keep typing lions ......!] 
and be ready for our next challenge.
And if you have never joined,
why don't you give it a go :)
It is a lovely way to meet new bloggers.


  1. Love the colours for your blanket.

    Next year I'll try and get the "Hearty-Photos" right......

    Julie xxxxxx

    1. I was glad you still joined in, you had some lovely hearty photos☺

  2. The blanket is looking just gorgeous. I'm tempted to start another one soon. I'm just not very good at getting a good flow of colour.
    I have been noticing hearts in all sorts of places since your heartathon. I didn't even realise just how many I have in my own home!
    I know what you mean about the housework. It is more than happy to wait, never going anywhere. 😕 X

    1. I find blanket making so very satisfying, especially when the weather is cooler, I like snuggling beneath it as I crochet!

  3. The colours are wonderful, such a joy to see a pop of colour. Your blanket looks very snuggly .xx

  4. The blanket is looking and feeling absolutely gorgeous and as for that lemon drizzle cake..mmm.... I can vouch for it. (PS Keep on girding your lions - could be interesting!!) xx

  5. Thanks for the advance warning, I'd love to join in next year.

    I would also love to be able to crochet, but that's maybe less likely!

  6. The blanket is looking gorgeous and growing...... I've not touched my cupcake rug since the hot weather set in, as I only need to do the border & it's way to warm over my knees at the moment. I'm still finding hearts and already have a 'spare' folder in my blog photo files, ready for next time. Look forward to the March photo hunt. I owe you an email too & will try & catch up tonight. Yes, I also have a little housework today, ugh, & so much else I want to do. Take care.

  7. I have tried and tried but I cannot crochet. Yours is beautiful.

    1. I struggled at first but it suddenly clicked and now I wonder why I had such a block with it! Youtube do amazing tutorials, be you left or right handed, there is a video that will help.

  8. Amazing blanket; so envious of it. I can vouch for the joys of crocheting a blanket. So snuggly. I've already started to collect hearts for next year; yesterday I spotted another 2!!! What great fun we all had.

  9. I think all crocheters would agree that creating this beautiful blanket IS housework! Crucial work for the house ;-)

  10. Your blog is such yummy eye candy, you have amazing photography skills along with gorgeous makes xx


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