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We l❤ve Lemon Drizzle Cake❤

I have a lve hate relationship with baking. I quite enjoy the art of baking. The magic of turning raw ingredients into something sinfully delightful to eat with a tea or coffee.
What puts me off regularly baking (apart from the obvious calorific damage that occurs) is the speed everything is consumed by my boys ...
Which in itself is confirmation that the yummies laid out before them are indeed that - yummy. The three of them can just hoover up the morsels in a matter of moments, leaving a few sorry crumbs. What makes it worse - they don't appear to suffer the consequences of munching on cake or biscuits unlike me, who just by walking near a plate of baking, can put on weight!
Hey ho.
Today was all about comfort and warmth. The cold dreich day out there did its best to dampen our spirits, but with still warm squares of lemon drizzle cake and mugs of steaming hot tea, it didn't matter. It was warm and cosy by the fire.
If you fancy a quick and simple and incredibly delicious Lemon Drizzle, this is the recipe I use ...

Preheat your oven to 180 deg c (350deg F) or gas mark 4

140gm butter, softened
140gm sugar

beat together until pale and creamy then add ...

2 large eggs, one at a time.

Stir in the zingy zest of 1 lemon then fold in ...

140gm self raising flour

Place the mix into either a ready greased or greaseproof lined loaf tin 
or as I did a square 20cm x 20cm tin

Then cook for about 20 minutes until lovely and golden and well risen.

While the cake is cooking, make the lemony drizzle by ...

Squeezing the juice of one large lemon and add to four tablespoons of sugar. 
Stir very well.

When you pull out the cake, steamy and hot and smelling absolutely delightful, 
poke it full of holes using a skewer ....

Then grab your lemony drizzly goodness, give it another good stir and pour all over the cake, 
allow to soak in and cool ...

The final step is to cut into mouth size pieces, 
perfect for popping in, 
causing your taste buds to dance with happiness :)

Happy SUNDAto you all

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See you tomorrow x


  1. It must have been the week for it. There was lemon drizzle cake on offer here too. It's all gone now, however. It's one of my favourites and a nice easy make. Yours looks very tasty. X

  2. We love Lemon Drizzle cake too. Made two last Sunday. One to keep and eat at home and one to take when we went to meet our latest grand-daughter last week.

    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  3. Yummy! I too make a lemon drizzle cake, but ours lasts well, as there are only two of us now. My boys used to bring their mates in after school & hoe into bickies & cake, so I baked a lot more back then. Take care.

  4. yum, lemon drizzle is my favourite x

  5. I make an orange drizzle cake with a plain chocolate topping- bit like a jaffa cake. That disappears rather fast too!

  6. I can smell it from here! One of my favourite cakes too.

  7. Who does not love a lemon drizzle cake. The moistness, the crunchie topping, yum. I too have a problem that calories just leap off the plate and as there are only two of us to eat it I save my baking days either for when Hawthorn and her cake guzzling family are here or I am going to Knit and (K)natter. Pity, as I love baking. xx


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