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Tree Heart Graffiti

So, how's the hearty happenings going round with you?
Lots of happy hearty moments?
I certainly hope so :)

A few weeks ago, we did one of those walks that initially did not show much promise,
then as it unfolded 
it turned out to be a rather good one!

Part of the route took us along a quiet lane lined along one side by some rather mature trees.
They all sported tree preservation tags and due to their rather picturesque riverine location,
were obviously a magnet for courting couples over the years.
(and more recent ones indicted by the amount of litter!!)
So we stopped to investigate.
No,hang on, let me make that a little more clear,
I stopped to take photos,
the others studiously walked on in the vain hope I would follow...
they had to return for me (hehehehehe) 
Some hearts had dates - this one possibly says 1906  or 1902
Others were less legible but still visible declarations of love 
How many of these heart framed initials are still together?

Then, as my investigation progressed,
I almost stepped in a pile of ashes.
I leapt back, it seemed ... wrong ... to be loitering and photographing these trees 
and the mood had turned sombre.
The ashes looked so freshly laid.

I left.
It was only later, as I dwelt on the thought,
I wondered if the ashes belonged to any of those initials ...

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  1. Great photos & you had me wondering too, but the ashes bit did cause me to take a deep breath & also ponder your thoughts. Take care.

  2. I too often wonder about the people in the initials in tree hearts. Some of them look very old. Do hope they all stayed together. x

  3. Very poignant...wonderful to think though that that tree was so special to a couple that they ultimately gave themselves to feed it. x


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