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Thank you for your comments and thoughts on my post yesterday, I think we've all been there. Time to enlighten the unenlightened to the delights of the crafting rather than the purchasing!

'My heart belongs to you' Valentine's card.

You will need:
Suitably coloured paper
Coloured pens

Draw around your saucer
and cut out
Fold your circle 
first in half,
then quarters,
finally in 8ths 
 Draw a half a heart on one half of an 8th
Don't forget to draw in a tab
see photo below right
 Cut out the half you have drawn
then, following the instructions below ...
fold a segment over on to the cut half,
flip over
and draw around the cut side
this gives a nicely symmetrical heart
Again make sure you have tabs both sides 
 And cut out
Now comes the fun part,
open out your heart-flake
and marvel how prettily it turned out!
 Reach for your pens
and decorate to your heart's content!
 After you have had a happy few minutes making pretties
carefully fold your heart-flake
and tie it closed...
ready to give to some one special

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See you tomorrow x


  1. Beautiful. So dainty and meaningful. xx

  2. So clever!!! Another triumph from the Hawthorn crafty box. I might make one just for me!

  3. That is so clever & your pen work is delightful. I envy your drawing skills. Take care.

  4. I haven't had much chance to visit the last few days and I'm so glad I have now - this is just absolutely gorgeous x


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