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A quiet moment

Not all declarations of love are hearts and roses, 
sometimes they are quiet thoughts, 
quiet words and quiet deeds.

Last year, visiting the Llyn Peninsula on a chilly April day, we walked down on a rocky coast with it's gritty beaches tucked in between the hard rock. There were a few other hardy souls doing similar hunched head walks, you know the type I mean - when you are cold and wrapped up but the bitter wind still manages to find the gaps, so you hunch your shoulders up about your ears in the vain hope you will feel warmer ..... yeah, I've done that too.

Any hoo, as we walked along, watching the grey sea and sky merge into one, Eldest was picking up stones and skimming them on the restless water. He called me over ... he'd found this ...
Scratched into the soft stone was a sad little message of love and loss. 
We stood there, Eldest and I, and in the midst of the sounds of the sea, 
the wind, the screech of the gulls, 
it felt very quiet.

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  1. Makes you wonder who & why, though we do know when. Thought provoking & a good find by eldest. Take care.

  2. Very poignant. When I was in Orkney I saw a beautiful message on a standing stone [it was a modern one!] with a very beautiful message on a plaque commemorating the passing of a couple who'd loved the ancient megaliths. I took a photo, but didn't share it on the blog as it seemed too personal somehow showing their names in full. Arilx

  3. I wonder what the story behind the stone was; sounds rather sad but such is life.

  4. Very emotive!!! I could do with a quiet moment in fact lots of quiet moments....sigh!!

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  5. It makes one wonder who or what the story is behind this sad memorial. I wonder how many people have found it and put it back, or how many people have walked by and not even noticed it. Thought provoking. x


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