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Knitting while waiting ...

... for soup to cook.

A pan full of vegetables. Some bought a couple of days ago, some harvested out the garden, the rest 'discovered' lurking at the back of the 'fridge. You know the type - a little past their best - nothing wrong with them..... just a little soft......
So, 'skanky veg soup' is the order of the day.

It was a particularly tasty one - the boys scoffed the lot.

And the knitting?

Well, I have knitted for both Eldest and Himself a double layer hat with Youngest preferring to don his favourite increasingly tatty fairisle bobble hat.

Until...... we were walking on a particularly crisp and cold day and Youngest realised he'd left his favourite hat behind, so Eldest, who had a spare, passed over his double layered hat.  It was like a lightbulb moment - or rather a warm and toasty head moment. He asked if I could make him one too.

Himself's hat is charcoal grey and blue, Eldest has olive green and charcoal grey. Youngest wanted the whole hat in the grey but I have quietly added a deep burgundy. He can always wear it grey side out if he doesn't want the burgundy to show but the other two happily wear either side.
And it is a super warm hat.

Any hoo - time to get back to the knitting - I gather the weather is going to cool down this week and he has had a hair cut resulting in cold ears!

Have yourselves a good start to the week xxx


  1. Forecast not good. Stay warm. With those hats you will!

  2. Manky veg soup is a favourite if mine.
    Your knitting is great...lucky menfolk.

  3. A double hat seems a really good idea. To check I'm understanding . . . I have a favourite knitting pattern for a double-knit hat. If I were to pick up the stitches from the bottom and sort of re-knit most of it and tuck it up inside and fix it . . is that how you do it?
    Though looking at yours (on the model!) . . . yours seems to have a flat top whereas mine goes almost to a point. Perhaps I should get a flat-top style pattern first?

    1. I knit from the base up then decrease fairly quickly to give the flattened top then return to the base, pick up the stitches and repeat the pattern. If you follow the link, it takes you to a free ravelry down load pattern.

  4. Those hats look so warm. By the way how did you husbands Christmas jumper go? Is it finished?

    I always make soup like that too, best soup ever! I call it "manky veg soup".

    Julie xxxxx

    1. He has worn his completed gansey but it is too big on the arms, too wide, despite me reducing the pattern size :( so I have to unpick and re-knit them.

  5. Love that hat, and as you know K has no hair & I suffer with terrible ear pain on windy days, so may be a winner for both of us. I've checked out the link and realise it is a free pattern from Ravelry, so will try and download it. I did try once before on something & it wouldn't work, even though I have an account. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Thanks & take care.

  6. Knitting AND soup! That's a fine combination. The hats are great, I'm not surprised youngest changed his mind about having one. I really need something crafty to get stuck into. I'm in a bit of a slump that way at the moment, but my fingers are getting twitchy. X

  7. Love the hats. They look so warm. Soup sounds delicious. xx

  8. Your head warmers look fabulous.

  9. I wish I could knit something other than straight lines. Every time I try it all goes horribly wrong.

  10. At this time of year, you can't beat soup! I'd wear my crochet hat while eating soup! The two seem to go together.....

  11. Those hats are beautiful :) You're a clever ol' stick, ain't ya!!


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