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Thoughts in January

Despite it being finger achingly cold today, the sun shone into my studio and warmed it to a wonderful balmy temperature - such a delicious feeling, being able to cast off the layers and working with bare hands instead of struggling with mitts. It helps to lift the spirits which can feel a little jaded during a grey January.

On the downside - my studio is still wet, we are still struggling to stem the gentle but persistent ingress of water around the base. We know where it is oozing in but stopping it seems to keep us Himself scratching his head. There are days that don't quite go to plan but a little sunshine (and mugs of tea) make that  little less troublesome :)

I am setting myself a challenge -  a sketch a day, which I should have started at the beginning of January but seeing I have only just discussed it with myself today and I am trying to be less hard on myself - I shall start tomorrow! The idea behind it? To get into a regular routine of putting pencil to paper, feeding my need to create and hopefully spark ideas and my imagination. And if when I complete my challenge, I should have a book full of sketches and doodles to look back on.  Ideally I should see improvement over the months!

So, have you set yourself any challenges?
Little goals and good intentions?
I hope to continue to grow with my art and keep letting the sun warm my studio for me x

Whatever 2018 has in store for me and for you - let the adventure begin x


  1. Yes, I have set myself a challenge to get my quilting machine on the go again after realising the last quilt I did was August last year. I think that is the longest it's ever been off. Hopefully I'll get some mojo back & already have backing ironed ready to go. I like your idea of a sketch a day & am also trying to do some ordinary sewing each day & since my visitors left I've done that, even on our scorching Saturday. I must pop you an email. Hope the studio is fixed soon & take care.

  2. I always set myself challenges, like self-imposed dates to finish a piece knitting or a piece of crafting.
    Hope you get the damp sorted, you're right about the little bit of sunshine and a mug of tea seems to sort problems

    Julie xxxxxxx

  3. First day back to paid work today...uuurrrrgggghhhhh....and stretch! x

  4. So sorry your studio is not yet water-tight, big worry for both of you. Do you think you will have to resort to emptying the whole space in Spring so that Himself can do something huge?

    Your challenge sounds brilliant, can I add a suggestion? If you miss a day it really doesn't matter as there will be days when you might feel the inspiration to do more than one . . . it will all balance out in the end 😊

  5. The winter sunlight warning the studio sounds lovely. This is probably daft but is it the sort of water problem where you can dig an irrigation drainage channel? In my dog walks I see the farmer’s work very hard on their drainage channels and it’s fascinating how much water can come charging through a freshly cleared one, or after rain. Love the sketch s day idea. x

  6. This is a grand idea and I will try not to do the same . . I keep having ideas that in theory will take only a few minutes but which cumulatively consume my days.

  7. Because of the small amount of daylight I am doing just that, a sketch a day. Drawing is the basis of it all isnt it?! This is apart from struggling with a new tablet....The one I use for drawing from not going down my throat.

  8. I don't really go for challenges as such...just positive tweaks and a sense of achievement if I can see little steps of progress. Your windowsill evokes a great sense of calmness.

  9. I can picture you and Moss plus one or maybe two cats all snug and warm in your studio. A sketch a day is a very good challenge. Look forward to seeing them. ✏☕��

  10. My challenge is not artistic, because I'm not. It is to walk a little each day for enjoyment. Up 'til now I made a chore of it and it wasn't really enjoyable, No stressing if I don't get it done, tomorrow is another day. So far, so good :)


  11. No challenges set here, i'll face whatever each day brings hopefully with a smile on my face and a spring in my step.

  12. I'm hoping you are soon water-tight... what a nuisance for you all. I will do the same challenge as I did in 2017, ie, craft everyday, not for any fixed time, just craft every day. Having just finished 2 quilts and realised how tiring this was, I will add that the crafting will not be huge projects!


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