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Random woolgathering in four short acts

yesterday : 

cold, wet and blustery. I hunkered down in the studio, 
heater on, radio on, flask of coffee,
mittens on, scarf on, thick fleecy shirt on.
yearning for blue skies and warmth, I worked on these...
Small pockets of sunshine and seas.
 A stark contrast to the dull and dreary stuff outside.
I yearn for more blue and less grey.
 last night :

Snowy wet roads causing issues for drivers,
you can hear them slipping and sliding and revving their engines
as they gently go backwards down the incline...
Fire on, knitting growing,
looking good,
feels warm.
I want it done for the weekend.
 this morning :

cold, wet slush. Bobble hatted and warmly coated folk walk to work,
mums and littlies wrapped up well, pick their way carefully to school,
cars drive past - some cautiously others unconcerned.
Pan sits and watches the world go by. 
now :

procrastinating, drinking tea, eating toast,

Jobs to do, frames to sort,
paintings to complete,
emails to write,

But first...


And you?
How is your day unfolding?
Hope is a good one :)



  1. Wow, what gorgeous pictures. You have a real talent.

  2. you yearn for less grey...but the grey in the knitting sets the rosy red off well!

  3. Lovely pictures. I love the knitting.

    Julie xxxxxx

  4. Hat coming on beautifully. Youngest will love it. Xx

  5. I've heard talk of steel wool clouds or pewter skies....sounds so much more dramatic than grey somehow!

  6. Those are sweet paintings! A good way to escape the cold mush! I've been in the studio too watching the rain, felting and general puttering...Happy New Year!

  7. Yes always tea first Kate :) I long for blue skies -your paintings are beautiful. But the winter blue through the window behind puss is stunning. Stay warm and i hope you don't get snowed in for long. Here it has only reached the bottom of the hills

  8. Yes please to more blue in our lives...... Snow was lovely to look at this morning but the drive to Keighley (Beloved decided to go over the tops) was slow but no drama! We even saw blue skies too! Now it is all grey and wet and I'm off to snuggle under my latest Attic24 blanket!

  9. We still get blue skies. Even when it snows. Which it has.

  10. Loving the sea paintings, I could never tire of a view like that, so calming.
    Tai chi class this morning for me.

  11. Oh Kate, you have such a wonderful way with words & also a very creative flair, as your painting & yarny bits show. Now, he's me thinking, drop everything & fly to Oz for a bit of warmth!!!(giggle) It's going to be about 39deg here today & tomorrow, though just an exchange of a few degrees each way would even it all out & make it pleasant for everyone here & in your part of the world. I know we need heat, cold, rain & sun, but not the extremes. I do love your sea paintings & might try & get my "sea fix" on Saturday. Stay warm & take care.

  12. I woke to the noise of roofers banging nails in, I'd forgotten they were coming. Never mind, it was time I was up before the heat of the day. Too hot here lately unlike your place :)


  13. Plans changing for the day...cancelled learner...means reshuffling my day...no snow here...just wind and rain and hail....lots and lots of wind and rain and hail...saw the ocean yesterday...it was the colour of sand. x

  14. Gorgeous pictures. Plans on hold here today thanks to the weather. X

  15. Most definitely a good day. Creativity, working with your hands, and a cuppa when necessary.

  16. Just looked at pictures again, this time on computer screen, not my little Tab7. I love the last picture of Pan at the window. xx


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