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a day in the life of the studio cat


Dear hoomans

I sees that she's not been on her blog-thing for a while
tsk tsk
 so typicals of her
....head full of butterflies
 ... gets distracted
 ... wanders off 
... chases flies on window ledges 
oh - hang on... is thats me?? 
not sure - prrrrr prrrrr prrrrr
But, backs to the matter in-paw 
I thoughts I would shares with you my working day prrrr prrr
It is very hards being the studio cat
I has to follow the sunshine around - lies on it to prevents it escaping 
I has seen so little of that warm yellow sky stuff that when I do 
I don't wants to lets it go
Problem is when that Miss-huffy-wuffy-waggy-Mossums joins in
Pah dogs ... cramps my styles
 they has no concept of purrrsonal spaces 
when it comes to designated cat-lying-down-in-the-sun-spots
Grrrr - I gives you the deadly cat-death-stares 
... is not working.... 
no good looking to our my hooman for help
May be a chomps on the paw will work ---- 
pppsssst spit spit gah 
dog foot does not leave a good taste in the mouth of a gentile puss-cat >^.^< 
such as myself...
Might trys and encroach and sees if that works......
Nope, may be all-in-cat'n'dog-wrestling will gets yous to move...
Stupid dog, will turn my backs on yous and yous will gets the message... or may be not.
Awwww - I is sorry - I do loves you in a 'feels-sorry-for-the-silly-creature-sort-of-way' .... 
but could yous purrrlease move 
I wants 'MY' sun-warmed-spots back.
Ahh better
 This is sun-warmed-spots is mine ... 
all mine ... 
.... as is this sun-warmed-spot...
I is a little warm, might stop in this little shady spots for a whiles....
(in a monstrous catsy sort of way!)

Best job ever.

edited to add:  My apologies for the cat-astrophic take over by Pepper and I promise no Miss Mosses were harmed in the making of this epic battle of wills for the sunny warm spot. As you can see there was plenty of it and the dog didn't seem to concerned that Pepper was being ... well ... being Pepper!  They are very fond of each other. I love the 'help-me' eyes that Moss kept shooting to me but she hung on to her spot as long as she could!


  1. Miss Dainty Daisy wants to know what I am Laughing Out Loud about ... I told her she wouldn’t understand seeing as Her Ladyship does not have to share her sunny spots with creatures of the feline persuasion.

    Please tell Pepper this is a Most.Excellent.Post and further glimpses into the trials and tribulations of Life As a Studio Cat will be most welcome.

    Please tell Miss Moss she has my sympathies 🐾❤️😊

  2. Great photos, I love it when cats and dogs get along nicely with each other. I wish mine did but sadly Poppie doesn't like cats at all so I have to keep her away from my three :(

  3. It's clearly difficult being a cat. If only dogs understood.


  4. Love that your two get on so well! Took Slinky ages to deem Hugo important enough to meet and greet. Now they are pals and Slinks is the boss.Your two are adorable. :)

  5. Cats do not believe, they simply know that they and no others rule the world. Arilx

  6. Great post, which put a smile on my face. I hate being petless, & should come across & cuddle your mob. I wonder what they'd think of that (giggle). Take care all.

  7. Sweet :) Cats seem to have the knack of finding the most perfect spot in the sun - wonderful :) Have you come across a book called The Travelling Cat Chronicles? If I ever get my act together I'll do a wee review of it but worth a read for a cat lady :)

  8. What a wonderful friendship they have, purrfect!

  9. Clever Pepper, using her charms to get Miss Moss to move out of her sunny spot.


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