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Morning everyone,

Bit fresh today - we're bracing ourselves, here in the UK, for the 'beast from the east' (why do we have to give a weather event a name?). Any hoo ... let me chuck another log on the fire before the cat complains even more.....

Thank you all for your lovely link ups to February's Scavenger Hunt words - there were some cracking photos and stories as well as some brilliant 'think-out-of-the-box' pictures. I actually think this month's were the best we've done for a long while! Well done us :D and if you have not seen all 14 link-ups just have a look HERE for a catch up :)

Sunday was beautiful - wall to wall blue sky and a sharp breeze, it felt almost springlike.

Circumstances, homework, coursework, weather, chores, well - life in general, have conspired against our walking habits, so to be able to get out yesterday was beyond glorious.
To feel the tactile trunks of the silver birches, albeit with brittle numb fingers,
to take lungfuls of icy air, feeling it burn its way down to my lungs
and to hear the crisp crunch of the frozen pathway
was more precious that I ever thought it would be.
The light was beautiful - clear and sharp,
we took so many photos.
Almost an indecent amount ...... thank goodness for digital!
Of course Moss was in her element - she smiled from her very shiny black nose to the tip of her tail.
On our way back, we stopped and nestled down in the dead bracken fronds and stalks,
giving just enough shelter from the breeze. We must have stayed at least 20 minutes.
Watched two buzzards soar and twirl above us.
Listened to distant voices and sheep.
Took a few more photos,
some good,
some questionable....
Well, yes.

And for those who are eagle-eyed and bushy-tailed - our new list is up and running for March - let the madness begin :D

Photo Hunt List -March 2018

Scavenger Photo-Challenge starts here!

Reading now
Black and white
Starts with an ... H
My own choice

The big reveal date is Friday 30th March


  1. Loving the bright sunshine we are having at the moment. Looks like Moss is too. Lets hope its not as bad as the weather maps say this week. :)

  2. I like the look of this list, thank you! It was such a beautiful day to be outdoors yesterday, glad you were able to enjoy it. We are still stuck in house renovation mode but I am so looking forward to getting out for walks again soon!

  3. Great photos. Love the new list.

    Julie xxxxx

  4. Gorgeous blue skies and great photos of Moss. I love the new photo hunt list, I've got some ideas already :)

  5. What a great walk & although cold, that blue sky is magnificent. We've not done much walking lately due to weather, commitments & feeling sort of tired & listless. Ooh, those words are scary. Reading? How do I fit that into life, which seems busy with doing stuff. (boohoo). Take care.

  6. Thankyou for taking me on your walk, I really enjoyed it sitting in the armchair,we have no wooded areas near but I love walking in them. We do have beaches and fields a plenty though. Love the look of the words for March.

  7. Gorgeous photos, nature is surely generous in beauty!

  8. Great new list of words; I already have them sorted! Well ideas for photos.... I agree, thank goodness for digital cameras!

  9. Fantastic photographs, especially of the leaves and bark. Moss is enjoying herself as usual. xx

  10. A lovely woodland walk, thanks for taking me along with you in the comfort of my armchair.

  11. The clarity of light in these photos makes the heart soar, quite lovely.

    I can see a change in Moss - she seems more mature, less giddy perhaps? Whatever it is, she looks so happy and content out with her pack :). xx


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