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Meet. Eat. Fold. Tea.

After a rather lengthy but fruitful meeting,
after lunch and chat with a friend,
after dodging showers 
and settling down in my studio ...
The gentle art of folding,
was just what I needed.
a small dog needs drawing out in pen and ink,
origami envelopes need developing,
tea needs drinking.

I am looking forward to tomorrow.


  1. Sounds like you're busy, yet again! What you are folding looks interesting!

  2. Whoops, maybe you've just given away too many ideas for fold! Apart from that it all looks very interesting & sounds like you may be busy leading into the festive season. Take care. Oh & I owe you an email or phone call.

  3. Have a lovely week filled with happy and fruitful moments.

  4. That looks fascinating, cannot wait to see the finished card

    Julie xxxxxxxx

  5. Very interesting! I will be checking here to see the final product.


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