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August's photos and words

It is 8.45pm and I am only just starting my post- jeesh - what has happened to this month ? it feels to have been both full and fast and now suddenly - I've remembered to do the photo hunt.... and I know I have not got all the photos (so need to do a little archival research!)

A special evening walk, a glorious sunset, evening picnic alongside our favourite piece of the Leeds-Liverpool canal. Then, as we were returning - I spotted this sign. Perfect!

A quick snap from June, as I hurried across the road into Kettlewell. Every year they celebrate with a scarecrow festival and a duck race on the river and as you enter the village - this little sign joyfully tells you that you have arrived!

July this year, another evening picnic - a common occurrence - often the only time that we have time - throw a quiche in the oven, fill the flask with hot water, take tea and milk, walking boots and camera and head for the hills. If it is warm enough, dry enough, light enough, we eat outside and if there is time - we walk a bit. If, like the evening in the photo - the wind is too cold for comfort, we eat in the car.  This particular evening definitely had a brisk breeze - cutting and sharp, even the sheep decided to use the car for shelter. The ewes and lambs all ducked out of the wind on the lea side.

Some times I do wonder on the words I choose. I was going to give myself a severe talking too when I was looking for an 'arm' then suddenly yesterday, as we were out I spotted this, Himself knows I take photos of strange things however even he was bemused when I took this one!

A balmy August holiday from 2014. 

My own choice.
This was my most difficult to do - I wanted to share so many photos - this last month has been full of art. Commissions, sales, fayres and exhibitions and quietly quietly my work is selling. The first half of the year was very quiet - a lot of my arty friends had the same down time - some of us almost despairing (well, I certainly did) to the point of shutting the studio door and walking away for quite a few weeks. But, recently - for most of us, it is looking up :)

It is now 11.24pm and I better stop - I need to sort out the link up - hope you all had a happy, busy month xxx


  1. Great photos for your choices this month, I like the ducks and yes, I take photos of strange things too, especially signs if they amuse me :)

  2. I love the glimpse into your life via the photo hunt. Don't tell yourself off about the word list as my brain needs to be kept working! Your arm photo was amusing. My favourite has to be straw, just look at the wonderful weather. Thanks.

  3. I struggled with Arm too! Love your photos and words and so glad to back and sharing with you after a very long break. I love evening picnics in the summer months they are great aren't they, we have had a few this month too.

    That duck sign is so sweet and charming and your straw picture I could climb into its the perfect epitome of this time of year. Thank you for hosting this great link up and challenge.

  4. What lovely pictures. At this time of the year I love seeing those bales of straw, sort of tidies up summer in preparation for winter. Your own choice of some of you art is lovely too. xx

  5. I love all of your pictures. I have done my first set of pictures this month, now I think that I need better pictures next month.

  6. Great photos again Kate & sorry I've not joined, but I don't know how to transfer photos from my camera to tablet. I do like your arm sign (clever), & I also thought of bales of hay for straw, but alas no pics. Have just got an internet connection so am on catch up for the hunt. Take care & huggles.

  7. Great set of photos, I loved the Kettlewell Ducks sign. Interesting how we end up with our choices. This month I did better than usual in actually taking photos to match the prompts. Of the five (excluding My Own Choice) three were taken specifically for Scavenger Hunt, one was a collection of photos that happened to be taken in the month (as also My Own Choice) and one was from my Archive.
    Thank you for the Challenge.
    I noticed I only managed to do my post with 7 minutes to spare - Cutting it fine!

  8. I love your window pic, what a fun way to have a picnic!
    How did I get arch instead of arm?! I guess I must have written it down wrong. Oh well, I think I got off easy with arch!


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