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When what I should be doing is ...

Been an up and down sort of day - but I am ok with it.

For a few weeks now, I have been getting reading for a show (along with a group of fellow arties) and today a couple of us plus Himself and Youngest went to the show grounds to set up our stands - we had a total of 11 tables between us and plenty of bunting, signs, banners and balloons to hang.

I dashed out in between heavy showers, loading the car, carrying paintings and sculptures and generally getting ready when I got the call to head to the grounds to set up.

Brollies at the ready and wellies on - we set off. The four of us, plus some lovely helpers from the show committee decked out our part of the marquee with jolly bunting and balloons and with the help of mugs of tea we soon set up. (Listening all the time at the torrential rain on the marquee roof).

We slid off the field and wished each other a happy evening......

Once home I carried on labelling and pricing up my art, wrapping them and generally getting ready for Sunday. 
And it rained. And rained. And rained....

Then, around 9pm, the call came - the show had been cancelled - the field was so drenched that the larger vehicles had sunk to their axles and had to be pulled off - this was the final straw - days of rain, marquee staff refusing to work, slipping and sliding and generally getting soaked .... I am not surprised.

Any hoo - tomorrow morning, we are going back to take it all down. 

The weather is promised to be reasonable. Tomorrow.


  1. That's a bummer Kate, after all your hard work - the rain has been unbelievable - I haven't seen anything like it in a long time. At least your paintings haven't got wet.

  2. So sorry to hear the event was cancelled. So disappointing for everyone.

  3. it has been raining here since 4am..pity on the Womens' Tour of Scotland with stage3 starting and finishing in Edinburgh and heavy rain and thunder forecast where they will be riding....

  4. So sad for you and everyone else who was going to exhibit. I too was ready for the show many years ago when it was cancelled. So annoying. Don't slip and break anything! x

  5. So sorry. After all the work you and other Tammers had done. Such a disappointment for all. xxx

  6. Oh no, that's so sad for everyone involved and expensive too I guess. Hope you get to do another show soon with better weather

  7. A friend and fellow artist was at a similar show here in Scotland. She made the decision to not set up and risk her work getting ruined. Difficult weather indeed for all.

  8. How frustrating for you all, hope you have managed to successfully remove all your precious makes. The weather has been unbelievable hasn't it, I am hoping this week will be a little drier, hope it is with you too.

  9. BOTHER ..... I hope its rescheduled for you all.


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