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In which I mutter tut tut at August...

August - what do you think you are playing at?
Surely my memories of warm, languid holiday weather has not been misplaced?
So why, dear August have we had to light the fire?
Oh August, you have, I have to admit, teased us with the odd warm day, delicious and welcome.
Or delighted us with clear blue (decidedly autumnal) skies.
And amazed us with stupendous sunsets.
Yesterday you invited us to play outside,
so we did.
Paint pots and brushes and mugs of tea at the ready.... 
then and the crucial moment - you let it rain.
 There was such a dashing and collecting and saving of things before they got wet.
August, I am sure I heard you snigger.
Bad form August.
tut tut


  1. I've been away from home so it was a shock to return to the unseasonable weather. I had a surprise when the central heating kicked in yesterday morning.
    Did you manage to finish your painting? X

  2. I went outside just after 7 this morning and it was positively COLD

  3. back to cold and wet here again..Having a tidier house doesn't make up for missing outdoor things!

  4. Our heating is on and so is my electric blanket. I've not dug my thermals out yet but the weather is awful! I don't each cauliflower that often (twice a year?) but it seems the crop has suffered a lot this year so there will be a shortage.... I'm sure summers as a child were proper summers!

  5. Not what I was expecting you to get in August after your quite warm summer days in July. Your temps are more like what we get in our winter. Tut tut indeed! Sorry your art fair was washed out. Take care & talk soon.

  6. It is a month of extremes isn't it. Warm and sunny one day, cold and really wet the next! I do seem to remember it was like this last year and the year before, perhaps it is a new pattern?

  7. OH NO on the rain at that point in time! haha....we have had our share of rain this yr in TN but I am hoping it leads to a beautiful fall.

  8. It's certainly been a wet one here in the East Midlands, the garden is suffering greatly which is very sad, although the hydrangeas seems to be laughing at all the other plants and flowering beautifully.


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