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The sounds of walking

The chink of the dog's lead, the shuffle of four excited feet and swift swish of a happy tail.
Our boots clump softly on the pavement as we walk down the quiet main street, turning right we step on to the old cobbled tram lines. Our footsteps now scrunch over the gravelled stones.
The kraaawk kraaawk kra-a-a-a-a-a-awkkkkk cackle of one hen and errrrrrrrr  grumbled by another. 
 A melodic whisper of leaves gently tearing the breeze, while we scrunch scrunch scrunch up the cobbles then the metallic clank as I walk over a cast iron manhole cover.
Birds sing, trilling and warbling in the trees above our heads, the brrrrrrrr of their wings as they flit through the branches. 
The dog, grinning from head to tail, her paws swishing as she runs through the grass, 
she stops, sniffs - quick repetitive snuffs as she catches up with her peemails. 
We turn left, into a little sunken lane, our footsteps lighter, protected from the breeze
we can hear distant bleating, bird song and the wind shushing through the hedge.
And the harsher tinkle of chimes in the neighbouring garden.
Looking up the trees, I watch them as they sway and quietly crackle in the light winds, 
their leaves flutter and rustle while clouds pass over in silent drifts.
The click and rumble when I lift the dog gate, followed by the skittering of dog feet as she shoots through. 
A small crocheted heart proclaiming love and community strength.
 Up the steep path, my ragged breath, the scuff of my boots on the foot worn steps, caws and cackles as crows chatter peaceably in the trees. Another heart, another click of the bolt, a squeak of the hinge. 
Clump clump clump of boots as we go up the steep stone steps. 

Through the farm yard, chickens scratching the ground and contentedly ka..ka..ka..kaaaaa-ing.
Turn left, silently walking on grass. The tinkling of the dog's tag against her lead.
A clink of chain, a groan of old metal as I swing the gate open, 
then the groan and clink as it I close it again.
The constant baritone blather of a ewe as she replies to her bleating lamb across the meadow.
And the even deeper rumble of a cow as she grunts to her sleeping calf. 
 The barely discernible snore of a lamb innocently sleeping in the dappled shade.
Again our clump clump clump of boots on tar as we walk up the lane,
the breeze making the milk church sign swing slightly.
Distant calls of fellow dog walkers in the field ahead,
their words whipped out of their mouths by the strengthening breeze.
A snatched moment - a dog waiting for the off, every muscle straining to be released,
a quiet word, the sudden rush as her claws dig into the dry ground giving her
the explosive start she delights in.
The quiet roar of the wind against my ears and the tick tick tick of my hair flicking against my hood.
The dry crunch as cows tear at the short grass, 
crunch..crunch..crunch - swallow, crunch..crunch .. crunch.
Down the lane, a solitary distant car - now an unaccustomed noise,
unwanted, disturbing the sounds I want to hear.
A haunting trill from a curlew, echoed by another further down the valley. 
The defiant hiss of a broody goose and her attendant gander
The huff of a happy dog, a distant barking, 
bleating and blathering of sheep
and our ever present footfall,
scrunch, crunch, crunch on the stony track.
An odd chemical scent and sheep lanolin fill the air,
sheep and lambs all calling and churning up the dust,
as they are wormed and checked by a red faced lass.
The snort of a watching beef heifer.
Scrunch scrunch
Bird song
Swallow's chitter
Curlew's cry
Mallard's rasping chuck chuck
and our boots, scrunch scrunch
The peep peep hiss of vigilant geese
A lapwing's distinctive pewit pewit pewit call
the roar of the wind against my ears

A tinny crow from a small cockerel
breaks my thoughts, 
his cockadooling setting off another cockerel's reply
The harsh sounds of my coat pushing past a millstone grit post as we slip through the final stile.
Clump clump clump, our boots
now on tar,
slap lap slap slap
as Moss fills her dry mouth
enough water to 'wet her woof'.
Another car, another intrusion to my walk,
chittering swallows above my head,
clump clump, we cross the road,
clump clump, nearly home.

Turn into our lane, click open our gate,
take off the dog's collar with a clack.

Turn on the kettle,
listen for the water boil,
the hissss as the water pours into the mug,
make a brew.


Another wonderful walk
filled with so much sound, 
which clears my head
and feeds my soul.


  1. Oh thank you for this lovely walk! I enjoyed every moment of it. So important these days to go for a walk and enjoy the simple beauty of all around us. Stay well and thank you.

  2. Great stuff..we are about to put on our boots and walk...
    Audio reading! Xx

  3. Wonderful, thank you. A fantastic way to experience a walk. I came across a musical gate on my walk yesterday, the wind was blowing through the gate in such a way that it was producing notes, it was playing a haunting tune to me.

  4. What a poetic and expressive way to share your walk. Noises we take for granted but are there to be enjoyed, particularly in the countryside. Even in town, I am much more aware of noises in the garden and enjoying hearing many of them.
    I really enjoyed this post.
    Best wishes

  5. What a lovely walk. Thanks for sharing it with us. Could even hear the sounds. 💗 xx

  6. Love your walk, all the more so as I recognise parts of it. I too look for the hens on the tram tracks! Take care and keep walking! x

  7. Really enjoyed coming along on your walk.
    My wooden wind chimes have been in overdrive today as its been quite windy. Mr Blackbird enjoyed his bath so much in our birdbath, he had 4 of them!

  8. Oh Kate, how lovely, but what else would I expect from you. It did bring a big lump to my throat though, wondering if we'll ever be there again. Thank you, take care, stay safe & huggles.

  9. A lovely and descriptive post. Now more than ever we are hearing so much more on our daily walks, but nothing quite beats the sound of the water boiling for that welcome cup of tea when returning home. X

  10. Absolutely beautiful. This brought tears to my eyes. So lovely to think of and see pics of a happy Moss. And a happy you! This inspires me for both writing and living.

  11. Oh such beautifully descriptive words! Oh my, I had to go through twice - once with words and then again just to closely peruse the photos! Thanks so much for sharing your walk. I'm off for another read through ;)

  12. What a beautiful walking meditation - thank you x


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