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Listing somewhat


Another driech and damp day - to look through the window is to see a pale grey nothing with dank and dripping trees. 

Our weekend of high winds and heavy rain has stripped nearly every leaf from the trees taking all autumnal colour, leaving skeletal branches and twigs scratching at the nothing-sky. I have had to postpone today's work as it was outside and reschedule for a hopefully drier Wednesday.

So it means I will have to make my own colour and cheer today. I've written myself a list whilst drinking cinnamon coffee.... it goes a bit like this.....

  • look after the incontinent fire (yes you read correctly, an oxymoron that - incontinent fire.... )
  • mend palazzo pants, co-op bag, finish XXXX's dress, finish journal cover
  • find brooch clasps
  • fold up halloween bunting (only if dry) ✅
  • varnish tall pot
  • finish autumnal door wreath
  • finish sorting out yarn spaghetti
  • front window troughs
  • find mini frames
  • Sort out November's words etc ✅
  • Wash dog bed (in the washing machine right now)✅

Some of my list is easily do-able with very little effort giving me the satisfaction of a ✅ where as others require a little more application...... so, I shall finish my coffee first then work my way through.  Am I the only one to add things to a list just so I can ✅ them off ??!

So, what's on your Monday to-do list? 
How are you going to make your day full of colour?
Do you write lists and more to the point do you actually complete them? (I never do - coz I always add more as I go along!)

And talking of lists, here is the Words for November 2020
My own choice
We will show and share our stories - Friday November 27th.

Thank you everyone who joined - those who posted their photos and shared their stories - thank you for letting us into your lives and your corner of the world. Thank you to those who popped in and said hi and commented - your comments are always a delight and most welcome.

We all need contact and conversation at the best of times and let's face it - this is not particularly the best of years, however, we can make the best of what we have and not let ourselves be squashed by all the rubbish that is out there. We can all make a difference even if it is only for ourselves, our families or our immediate surrounds, if we all do that - then the world will be a better place.

Have yourselves a good (and positive) Monday (with just a little bit of sunshine on the side please!)

Ah delightful - the rain is thundering down again and lashing against the windows - the new troughs won't need watering then will they (see a positive for everything :D )


  1. I like lists. There is satisfaction when I can tick off a task. Today I plan...will try to make a couple of Christmas ornaments.

    1. A fellow lister! Hope you share your ornaments on your blog when they are done :) will be lovely to see them x

  2. I love lists and like you (or are you like me) I add things after I have done them so I can get the satisfaction of crossing them off. We even have a 'to do' book - one side of open book is for long term things to be done and the other the more urgent ones. Sun is shining now but the sky is very black. xx 💓

    1. Yes, suspect is a family trait - I know of one son who does the same, except on his phone! The brilliant sunshine from a moment or two again has vanished and the clouds are massing again - never mind, up in the attic getting on with mending :) x

  3. Yes, I'm another lister, and someone who adds things to lists so that I can cross them off, and someone who keeps adding new things so that the lists never end. Himself sabotages my lists by adding items such 'Smile!', 'Have fun!'. Thank you for the wise words about the current situation. Perfect. x

  4. Oh I love the additions to your list! They are so special x

  5. Thanks for the November words. I'll start listing what photos I can use or what I need to find.... I have mental lists which vary as the day wears on! I too had a major yarn-tangle the other night but it is all sorted now. Just in case you don't know, it's raining again..... PS I've had a colourful day sorting all most of my quilting fabrics! x

  6. My yarn tangle is still looking at me in a menacing way, I shall show it who's boss by ignoring it a little bit longer 🤣 and yes it is still raining🌧🌧

  7. I make lists... I am a great list maker. Do I accomplish everything on my lists? Not always, but they do help me to remember what needs doing and I do get a sense of satisfaction when I cross something off the list!

    1. Ha ha, yes me too - that satisfying line through a 'to-do' is brilliant!

  8. Yes, I am a list maker most days, but they don't read quite like yours with mainly one word for each 'to-do', though quite often the list starts with "any not done above"! Not raining here today or yesterday, so 2 days in a row of clear skies which hasn't happened for a looong time. But, we need rain & sun for growing our wonderful flora, farming & food, so I try not to complain when it's either too cold, hot, wet or windy & as you say get on with it. The world news is not good & we'll do our little bit by abiding by the rules set in place at the moment & hope for a good outcome by some time next year. Thanks for our new words & talk soon. Take care, stay safe & huggles.

    1. Not raining today - the sky is a lovely light blue, but looking at the weather forecast, it has more for later, but I shall enjoy the sun and the stillness right now while I can :)

  9. A tip I was given was that you should make a list of what you have achieved as you go along so you get a sense of fulfillment. Arilx

    1. That's interesting that, I suppose the adding on and then ticking off to an existing list does give you that sense is achievement and fulfilment too.

  10. I make lists all the time. I have been guilty of doing something not on my list then writing it down so I can mark it off. Whatever fills that need for accomplishment.

    1. Sounds like we all do it! I agree it does fill that need of achievement😁

  11. Yes I make lists and sometimes tick everything off and other times they get carried over to the next day. If I didn't make lists I'd never remember what I should be doing.


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