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3 - 52 Sunday evening

Sunday evening, we have just eaten and there is a satisfied lull about the place. Moss is fast asleep on my feet (which, whilst they are lovely and warm, they do seem to feel to have been completely flattened by the weight of a dozing collie dog).

We'd been for a rather 'fresh' and muddy walk in the afternoon and came back starving! Youngest had mentioned that he'd really fancied something  ...and spaghetti so I decided I'd try another new to me recipe that I had bookmarked earlier in the week.

So - one lentil bolognase coming up!

As usual I did my own variation - instead of using dried lentils, I replaced with two tins of green lentils which meant a reduction in the liquid. I reduced the quantity of the stock and left out both the red wine (urgh) and marmite (why add another strong flavour to an already richly flavoured meal?)

Was it well received?  It was scoffed double quick time

Will I make it again? Most definitely :)

Thank you everyone who joined in with last week's Scavenger Photo Hunt, I love that we all get together and share stories - shall we do it again next week? 


Good - gentle reminder that the word is MOON. 

Have a good start to your week, stay safe and keep well xxxx

52 new recipe challenge


  1. That looks tasty

    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  2. Mmmm spaghetti and lentils delicious. Definitely good and also if you are lacking in iron lentils are a must. keep well Amanda x

    1. It was delicious and definitely on the make-it-again list :D x

  3. I LOVE lentil spaghetti bolognese (or lentil anything) but it's off the family menu after the time I sprung it on carnivore daughter on a camping trip without actually mentioning that it was lentils. She's apparently still traumatised to this day about it and conducts rigorous due diligence on anything involving bolognese now! x

    1. You have just made Himself and I chuckleπŸ˜„ at the thought of traumatised daughter! Give her a hug from us and tell her that the tinned lentils are soooooooo much nicer! xx

  4. That looks very tasty. Thinking about trying some more veggie recipes. X

  5. That looks very yum! And I totally agree with skipping the marmite!


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