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Ta da!!

Just a quick ta da post.

My 'fat shady' which is more of a 'chunky empire bell' than the elegant drum shaped one that originally inspired me. 

 The knitting is all wonky where I attempted to angle the rows to fit the curve of the wire frame.


But, once the light is on and the bedroom is filled with the soft glow of a woolly
light - it is love love love xx

Still on the knitting front, the Skepp-o-hoj continues to grow - slowly - a row here and a row there, when I have time and energy, I suspect that Himself will have to wait until next winter before he will be able to wear it. Never mind. 

I did discover that skepp-ohoj  that means ship ahoy in Swedish and there is a 1931 Swedish film of the same name.


  1. Like the lamp. Looks all warm and friendly. Well done. I have only ever made macrame lamp shades and then had zillions of ends to get rid of, much easier to knit one.

  2. What a lovely effect; so calming. Seems it was very quick to do.


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