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Wild life and witch craft

We don't live that far from Pendle Hill - famous for all sorts of witchy happenings and spooky things.

A couple of weekends ago we walked up a sister hill to Pendle which has been peppered with sculptures. Aitkin Wood clings to the side of the hill with a winding pathway meandering through the trees, here huge spiders and flying bats lurk above head height.

A witch hunter, carved from a single piece of wood, stares solemnly out from the undergrowth. In his wooden grasp he holds the deeds to hunt down Alice Nutter. Down the valley a chained sculpture of an incarcerated Alice walks to her doom.

Further down the hill swarms of bats and a huge spider web catches the sunlight.

I loved this gateway -  the roots  jammed in the circular frame seemed tortured as they tried to stretch free.

 A tall totem of pot 'stones' with it's spirals and glazed circles stood quietly in a glade -
 inviting touch and investigation 

 Trees - already felled had taken on a new life - with sinuous snake like forms.  

Magic still lingers in this area.....................


  1. What wonderful sculptures! Love the snakes and bats and, well all of it! Another on my place-to-visit list!

  2. Lovely carvings but eerie at the same time. Your photographs seem to capture the feeling.

  3. I loved the gateway too, but they're all really interesting. What an amazing place!

  4. brilliant, I want to go there. thanks for sharing

  5. What a fun little place, and stunningly beautiful ideas too, but I wonder who created it and who maintains it all??


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