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Wovember inspired wafflings

I have only recently discovered the delights of fairisle and still consider myself an utter novice but my heart sings when I see stranded work and my fingers itch to try it out.  I am being good and finishing my Estuary shawl, especially now as I have enough wool to complete it.  I have to say I am quietly pleased with how it is looking and can't wait to block it.

One of the blogs I delight in is Kate Davies' Needled and she has broadened my knitterly mind and introduced me to such wonderful work and people. One such person is Felix of Knitsonik who does the most InCreDIbLe stranded work. So when I saw she'd brought out a book I nearly fell over myself to get my knitty hands on it.

And I am so happy *smiles* that I did.

It arrived in the post today (at work) and I had to steel myself from opening it there and then (I must have squealed a little and waited at least 10 minutes then threw caution to the wind - along with good behaviour) and ripped the wrapper open. I suspect a little more squealing might have been heard accompanied by a few worried looks from my colleagues. (The following pictures are from Felix's blog)
Image of KNITSONIK Stranded Colourwork Sourcebook

I love love love the way she has found inspiration in her surroundings.

Watch this space! My knitty-mojo has been kick started and I can't wait to play :)  

What has got your autumnal knitty juices going?
Are you planning a new direction in your crafting?
What is on your needles right now?


  1. Your shawl is looking good :) and what an inspiring book! I bought Kate Davies' book 'Colours of Shetland' a couple of years ago, but all I've done with it so far is drool over the photos. I'll get around to having a proper go at colourwork one day (just need to finish my current WIPs first!) x

  2. I also bought Kate Davies' book - Colours of Shetland, ditto with the drooling!

  3. Your shawl is coming on great.
    I am working on Christmas gifts for the little people in my life!

  4. Love the book; whilst I do not see me doing any fairisle knitting 'soon' I can still drool over a nice book. There are so many inspirational things out there, just not enough time to play with them all!

  5. Oh my days your knitting is far more advanced than I can dream of, your shawl is art. The book looks wonderful and I enjoyed your links to gain more of an insight into knitting land.
    Have a lovely week, looking forward to seeing your completed shawl.

  6. Your shawl is looking lovely. I have to admit to having nothing on my needles or hook at the moment, nothing is inspiring me. My creative mojo seems to have gone to ground.


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