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Firstly I must say thank you so so much for all your lovely comments - it is wonderful receiving them :)  You have been so kind :)  thank you xx

Wovember inspired posting.

I will knit more baubles but I want to try make them smaller for our more lounge sized tree rather than centre of town tree! In the mean time I have picked up some straight pins and am trying something else....will show and tell a bit more as it grows.

We went for a much needed walk today - it was a quiet country cathartic one. Plenty of mud and muck but it was worth every muddy step.  I took my wool and needles but it was a bit damp and a bit too cool to do any serious knitting but my knitting enjoyed the walk!
It makes me smile when I chance upon little gems such as this sign.

Well, another weekend has quietly slipped by, the season has definitely turned. It has made me light candles and switch on fairy lights to help soften the darkness. It is only 35 days until Winter Solstice when the sun starts to return :)

Have a happy Monday xxxxxxxxxxxxx love hawthorn


  1. I seem to be forever starting my comments with the words 'Just catching up here', but such is life these days.

    Love the cat sign, and the baubles in your last post ... I have a friend in Shetland, I'll ask her to look out for them!

  2. Hello,
    From your lovely bauble photos they don't look too big but it is hard to gauge, if you make them smaller and able to could you share the pattern, would love to have a bash, even if it will be after Christmas.
    I love that sign!.
    Happy knitting x

  3. That is an interesting colour, I have that very same colour on one of my crochet hooks too. Mine is for christmas presents, can't wait to see what your are making.

  4. How funny - I've just mentioned in my blog that I've put my fairy lights on to lighten the gloom :) We've definitely needed them in the last few days. Looking forward to seeing what you're knitting, and I love the farm sign - so sweet x

  5. Great cat sign! What a laugh. The ducks in the photos are positively glowing, Only 35 days to the start of spring (well in my mind!) - YIPEE. Thanks for the reminder.

  6. I wonder what you are knitting? Just love that sign. I've taken quite a few photos over the years of whimsical type signs. Take care.

  7. I love the cat sign !!! excellent one !! and the ducks ! have you seen mine on my blog ? Well I'm looking forward your knitting ! Have a creative day

  8. Oh hello, I am glad to have found you again. A couple of years ago you wrote a post for me all about crocheting left handed. It was just the help and nudge I needed to find some you tube videos and believe that yes I could do it if I tried for long enough! Two years on the joy it has brought me, along with the peace and calm is immeasurable. I am so grateful. THANK YOU!!
    Also I don't think we leave a million miles away. I am in South Cumbria and we often walk in the Yorkshire Dales. As a southern child I used to be taken to Howarth and Wyollar on holiday!
    Thanks again for your kindness and help,
    Jo xx


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