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Quick Friday knitty update

A Wovember inspired post.

A combination of work, poor light levels and a general level of can-not-really-be-botheredness - I've not managed to get round to any knitty type stuff apart from a row or two in the evening when really I am actually too tired.

So, today at work, while the weather was being particularly vile outside, I retreated to one of the offices to eat my lunch and was amazed at an unexpected flash of sunshine came through the clouds.

So, much to the amusement of my colleagues, I whipped out my WIP and grabbed my camera and voila! One completed knitted festive bauble and one almost completed.

Guess what?

I am happy.

Oh I know they have mistakes in them and they are less than perfect BUT! What a lovely way to learn to do stranded work.  Like I said - *H*a*p*p*y* :)


  1. They are so cute. Nice and soft too. Clever you. Too small and fiddly for me; plus it is 20 years since I knitted with carried yarn!

  2. I love them - such intricate work. Lucky you to have seen some sunshine - I'm living in hope for the weekend. I'm guessing the rugby kit I get to wash is going to be very muddy tomorrow. Enjoy your weekend. x

  3. They are beautiful! And I love how happy they made you - that is how I feel when I make something! It really gives you a boost, doesn't it?

  4. They are so pretty, and look complicated to knit:) Love the colour choice, and the idea of snatching odd moments to be creative in when you wouldn't normally find the time x

  5. Hello Hawthorn

    Your Christmas baubles are beautiful, but look complicated. I love the colours, the navy really makes the pattern pop. Well done for being creative during your lunch break.


  6. Oh my goodness I do love your baubles! They would make me happy too, beautifully done!

  7. I love your baubles too, they are fun and fabulous. Great idea using the light at work during break time-why didn't I think of that?.
    Happy knitting.

  8. What stunning knitting! I am in awe. I am very poor at knitting but wish I could create something like that. A fabulous bauble. x

  9. Your baubles are lovely. No wonder your husband and the boys want to keep them for your tree. I would too. You do such beautiful knitting in such beautiful colors.

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