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Glove Buddies Ta Da!!

Hi there - wow, I am amazing at your reaction to my glove buddies - really chuffed - thank you!

They are so easy peasy to make that I just have to share 'how-to' with you. You can make them up in an evening and wear them the next day :) They are also brilliant to make up as an instant gift.

It is also a lovely way to use up stash. Chunky yarns definitely make the best glove buddies however whatever you do - make sure you have enough to do both hands :)

Right here goes...

Measure the length from your knuckles to your wrist.

Depending on whether you are knitting or crochet, cast on or chain a row to the length required. (This is the most technical part of the entire make!)

Now - knit or crochet a rectangle long enough to encase your hand comfortably with enough space to be able to wear a pair of normal gloves underneath. Cast off.
Fold the rectangle in half, so that the two short ends (top and bottom of your work) are together, stitch the two ends ensuring a comfortable space for your thumb is left open.
Grey crochet glove buddy
Russett knitted glove buddy

 Weave in any ends, pull on your favourite gloves then pop on your glove buddies and head out in the cold weather!
Grey knitted glove buddy

Happy happy warm hands :)

See - told you it was easy!

Thank you for dropping by and welcome to isabellaeletrgatte - a new friend :)

Here's looking forward to a weekend full of walks (and warm hands) crafting and fun!


  1. Yes, so easy to make. Thanks for taking the time to post a how-to as I know you are busy. Any brilliant ideas what to do with all this rain we are getting?

  2. Wow, so easy and you could make a different colour for each hand if you don't have enough for two. (giggle). Hope your weekend is going well and take care.

  3. Oh great, yes it does look easy! I will be able to use up the few bits of chunky yarn after finishing my blanket.

  4. I NEED to make some of these x

  5. These are great, a brilliant idea! Thank you for sharing your design - I shall have to give them a try :)
    Cathy x

  6. I'm loving the design of your new blog makeover. Thank you for the
    pattern, now I have to find my chunky yarn.


  7. Thank you and such a great idea of using up left over yarn.


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