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Fingerless and Glove Buddies (what?)

I was going to waffle on about some knitting and crochet... but I am doing an on-line training course instead. *sigh*


3/4 hour later - I'm free, woo hoo now I can chat and waffle without guilt :)

Firstly I want to share with you a wonderfully and thoughtfully made gift I received from a kind friend from the States. The most beautifully knitted fingerless mitts with a delightful cable twist on the back. The yarn is 'Jilly Dream' and is the most soft and silky and warm and snuggly. Especially made for me to wear at work.

Gratuitous usage of scruffy stick to aid hand modelling...

Are they not the most generous gift?
And yes, I do wear them at work - Thank you very much Julie H - they are beautiful x


Do you remember this?.............
...It was my 'secret Santa' gift from another dear knitty friend, for quite a while I wondered what to make with it, although it was a 50gm yarn cake, it was only 50 metres and would only be enough to make something petite. Several attempts just did not go well. Then suddenly I knew what I was going to make - 'Glove Buddies' ! The backs of my hands get so very cold when I am walking so.......

Perfect for added warmth when popped over my gloves.

I was also given some yummy yummy yarns from my Fav-sis-in-law, Himself and the boys. Talk about being spoilt! However, I have told myself I have to finish my 'Estuary Shawl' before I can play with anything else. (*sigh*)

I read a lovely blog by SaraJ - Sara's Crafts and she posted a little 'To do' List instead of resolutions and it struck a chord - I think it is definitely a mantra worth following -

eat less,
move more,

buy less,
make more,

stress less, 
laugh more,

feel blessed,
love more,

find a quiet spot every day
and breathe.

Good, isn't it?


  1. What lovely gifts and the glove buddies are so cute. Probably what I need as my hands and feet are nearly always extremely cold in winter. Love that little list and have written it down. Thanks. Take care.

  2. Love those blue mitts
    Julie xxxxxx

  3. I love the idea of glove buddies, I know exactly what you mean about cold hands when walking and taking photos! I think I shall copy this idea, loads of stash to use up. Thank you for the insp! Suzy x

  4. Thanks - lots of people have liked those words, I just wish I could remember where I saw them first!
    Some lovely yarn you've been using too and wearing. Good luck with the shawl, I'm just about to start a tea cosy for a friend. Enjoy your day. x

  5. What a lovely gift, I love the colour of the fingerless mitts!

  6. Your fingerless gloves are indeed a lovely colour & I love the idea of glove buddies.

  7. What a beautiful gift, I love the cable pattern down the back., and your glove buddies are brilliant.


  8. I echo all the above comments. Must make a start on using the mystery Santa yarn. I have the idea but not the time!

  9. I must use my mystery Santa yarn too, I had forgotten we have a deadline to 'show and tell' our article made with the wool. Those blue mitts are gorgeous. What you can't see in the picture is how fine the wool is and how soft the mitts are. Mitt buddies are a good idea. xx

  10. The fingerless gloves are a lovely gift, and I've never heard of glove buddies before. What a good idea! I too am being strict with myself about finishing my current WIP before I start something new. My new yarn is so tempting, though :)
    Cathy x

  11. I love the idea of glove buddies, as my hands are always cold!

  12. Your mitts and your glove buddies are both lovely. And yes I really appreacciated Sara's post too :)


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