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Solstice morning light

Hi there, I'm back, told you I couldn't stay away for long :)

I have had a story held in my stash of tales for a few days and it keeps trying to be told. All through my chrimbly countdown this little story would surface, keen to be shared and I would quietly put it aside.

Today seems a good time to release the words and share with you......

Part of the circle of marking the Winter Solstice is wake early and observe the new dawn.  I had planned to get up and quietly celebrate the turning of seasons.  The weather reports did not bode well but I thought I would still wake and just see what was happening.

Himself, a natural early riser, promised to wake me in time and as I am a night owl and find getting up rather a chore I happily accepted.The sun was due to rise at 8.04am.

I slept fitfully as I heard the wind howl around the house and the rain clattering on the window.  I blearily looked at the clock when it was 7.57am. I stared a moment or two, trying to comprehend why I had not been woken when I realised that my promised alarm clock was fast asleep gently snoring next to me.......

I stumbled out of bed, to the window and looked out. Grey, steel grey. I could not focus sufficiently to work out if the sky was grey due to the lack of sunlight or grey due to the excess of cloud.

It was cloud.

So, climbing back into bed to warm up, I decided that even though there was no chance of seeing the breaking of the new dawn, I would stand at the window and observe the time to complete the Solstice cycle. I got back up and wrapped my dressing gown tightly around me.

I stood there, cold, in silence. Everyone was still asleep.  I stood, The sky was still grey. I looked over the garden and trees. The clouds hurled themselves the sky. I stood. In the early morning, time slowed down and everything seemed very quiet.

I looked towards the gap in the trees where sun should have appeared. When suddenly a shaft and brilliant yellow light shot through the hedge and the top of the greenhouse glowed brightly.

I stood with my mouth open and my hands on my face as I looked at the rays of light streaming through the trees - oh this was amazing, this was fantastic - I could not believe it !!

I was absolutely staggered.........I was here and I saw it happen.


I noticed my neighbour out with his dog.....he had switched on his outside light so he could take his dog in to their garden.....he was the 'creator' of my new dawn.


I went back to bed with a smile on my face - Welcome to the turning of the seasons - courtesy of my neighbour!

I love my dotty life!


Oh it's good to be back, not that I was gone long....



  1. Great story. I was awestruck that you had witnessed something that inspiring and then I read the end. Thank you for a great story.
    Hugs, Sharon

  2. Aw what a disappointment for you, but a great way to start the new dawn with a laugh and a smile.

  3. I'm so pleased you are back blogging, as I look so forward to your posts. Oh you did give me
    a little chuckle , but it must have been so disappointing, but a good story to look back on.


  4. That really did make me laugh especially as it is so grey and dull here today that the only light I'm getting is when I press the switch down!

  5. What a great little story. I'm glad you blogged about it, as I now know that we all have those "funny" moments. Take care.

  6. Welcome back! Lovely story and what a laugh.

  7. Good to see you weren't away for too long - a funny, sweet story to start the year! :)
    Cathy x


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