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Be sharp about it #30DaysWild Day25

How is this for a lunch time view?

How's about this one?
Not quite as amazing as the previous photo....

That huge clump of nettles obscuring the view...
when you zoom in,
nettles are actually - strangely beautiful
Almost alien 
Complete with silica needle guard
Defence at every corner 
Even the stalks bristle
A survivor.
A visitor (linked with being brought by the Romans).
A food source.

And a brief distraction for me and
a subject for my camera.

Back to work, lunch eaten, view admired, nettles photo-ed.
Job done!

 #30DaysWild Days - you can do it too.


  1. oh I love how different things look really close up x

  2. The views are amazing from a distance and close up! I love nettles...mind you not to brush against but as food. I make nettle pesto every year. So full of iron. It's a great spring detox for the ol liver after a winter of heavy food and drink.

  3. I shall have to have a closer look at nettles - but not too close, as nettle stings bring me up in a very painful rash!
    What wonderful views - it must have been hard to go back to work!

  4. I too have often admired nettles. Luckily I do not react badly when stung by them but I still treat them with care. I am constantly amazed at what the camera reveals when photos are downloaded.

  5. I love close up detail of plants but nettles are not my best thing, I react badly to them!! Badly enough to have to take antihistamine 36 hours later!!

  6. No wonder it hurts so much when you fall in them! As my memory recalls a trip and fall from my childhood.
    Your lunchtime view is wonderful!


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