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Sing if you are happy #30DaysWild Day 7

Yesterday evening, the first sunny evening for a few days, 
I was in the kitchen cooking.
When, through the walls,
over the radio,
 I could hear
some enthusiastic trilling.
I went outside and craned my neck
to see where this birdy cacophony was coming from.
I eventually located
the source
of the song
A mistle thrush on top of a conifer
at the end of our garden
 Proclaiming his territory
enjoying the evening sunshine.
Making me smile.

Want to hear a little of what filled my ears (and the entire village)? follow this link, scroll down and find the Audio and have listen :)

I am participating in #30DaysWild Day - making space for nature for the month of June and loving it!

#30DaysWild Days - you can do it too.


  1. Beautiful bird and photos. I often hear them in my garden, but rarely see them. Hope the sun is shining for you again today.

  2. What a pretty bird! Thanks for sharing the wonderful pics. I love birds (my no. 2 after cats ;-). At night we can still here some nightingales sing, so beautiful! I hope they will find partners soon ;-). Happy Sunday!! Nata xxx

  3. I love that kind of stories. Here too many birds are singing all around and they all make me very happy ! Have an other happy evening !

  4. A Mistle Thrush, how lovely. We mostly hear Blackbirds here. xx

  5. What a pretty song! We don't have those here. Right now I'm out on the porch listening to a varied thrush, a common yellow throat warbler and the robins...aren't birds the best?!

  6. Made me smile too! How can such a small body produce such a loud song?


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