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Looking forward...

Tomorrow we return to everyday life.
Work and school.

A gentle wrap up of the weekend before Monday.

Stranger things have happened,
but to see Pepper washing Pan
nothing short of amazing.
My waistcoat grows......

Tomte is still loitering as he needed a little more work on him. 
He needed ears! 
Now, resplendent with little matching flaps,
he and I are happy :)
In my chrimbly hyacinth bowl...
I placed two vintage china 
hen's eggs.
Giving a hint to
the coming spring... 
They look perfect there. 
Ah... spring is not that far away :)



  1. Love the china eggs and thoughts of spring.....waistcoat looking good ..and Pan and Pepper...do cats make new year resolutions? Perhaps they have decided to call a truce and be friends.xx

  2. Love the china eggs, very realistic. Also loving your nearly waistcoat and tomte :) xx

  3. hope re-entry goes smoothly xxx

  4. Ohhh kittens!! I love kittens! Those flowers are marvelous! Happy new year 2016! Wishing you a marvelous year with lots of good things happening.

  5. Pretty Hyacinths I can smell them from here.......
    Julie xxxxxx

  6. Oh, how sweet with the cats. One of them looks like my late cat Tabitha. She and her daughter Fluffy used to have their moments too. The hyacinths look lovely and those vintage eggs are gorgeous. I still like going to vintage/antique markets, but try not to buy anything anymore. Sounds like back to the grindstone for you all, so take care. How's the weather now?

  7. The ears on Tomte look great. He looks a proper person now. As for your cats, ahhhhh so sweet. I decided to get some blue hyacinths but the scent is not very attractive!

  8. Tomte looks nice and comfy snuggled on your growing waistcoat

  9. Tomte is fabulous isn't he! Happy New Year! xx

  10. Your hyacinth arrangement is gorgeous and very spring-like with the delicate little eggs, and your waistcoat has come on well. Tomte is brilliant - I love his boots! Your cats look very sweet snuggling together. Happy New Year!
    Cathy x

  11. Love the knitted figure- last year I pledged to knit more. Finished a gargoyle and promptly stopped again. Maybe this year!

  12. as you say, spring is not far away. I'm so tired of grey skies oh for cold clear weather. Anytime you fancy a coffee. just shout

  13. Jan has left a new comment on your post "Looking forward...":

    It's great to see Pepper washing Pan... I hope that they've managed to maintain this new year resolution! All the best for 2016, Jx

  14. I love your Tomte, we have been reading the lovely Astrid Lindgren stories this week :)

  15. Love your hyacinths. Ours are nowhere near as far on yet. I can just see a little bit of pink on one of them.

  16. I love your hyacinth bowl, it's so pretty with it's eggs, hurry up spring! :D

  17. Your hyacinths are beautiful!(You have no idea how many times I've had to correct that spelling- it seems I have a problem with that word!!! Hyacinths I mean!)
    The waistcoat is coming together beautifully!!!! Tomte has a cheeky smile!x


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