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'Stag'gering off or 'Hare'ing around? Ta-Da!

I have loved having my wintery woodland scene
(if you follow the link, scroll down a little way down to see how it was made)
but felt it was time for a change.
So I said goodbye to my stag and vixen and...
...after a bit of sketching and snippety snip snipping,
hello to three happy jumping hares! 
 I loved the woodland and after cutting it into two pieces,  
placed it back for the hares to play in.
Somewhere they could hide should the feel the need.

What crafting has made you happy?
What simple little project has made your heart sing?
Have you any crafty things up your sleeve?
Go on, spill the beans,
I love hearing what you get up to!

Welcome to my new followers - hello to my little part of the world - excuse the mess, but y'know - that's me in a nutshell!



  1. That is so impressive, I've followed the link & I will copy one day (need to buy the lamp & shade first!) xx

  2. That is so pretty. Where I live in the South West the ears are joined http://www.legendarydartmoor.co.uk/three_hares.htm
    Julie xxxx

  3. What a great idea - I love these little scenes!

  4. That is so clever! I love it. You have given me an idea, lampshades/light shades that I really like can be so hard to find. How did you get the different colours was it different paper?

  5. Fun little hares, they look like they know Spring is on the way...

  6. Gah! Another gorgeous piece! I think I'd buy a lot of lamps if I thought I could do something even half as good as this :) xx

  7. Beautiful once again! It is so great that you can change it up like this too! xx

  8. ha, I love your mess comment!!! You are so clever, this is beautiful!!

  9. love the spring hares, great idea

  10. Clever, messy you! Can't wait to see the next theme on your lamp. Love the hares though.

  11. Almost like the triple hares you see in some churches. I hadn't realised that it wasn't a permanent design. Lovely that you can change it at will.

  12. Love your new scene. The hares are gorgeous. Look forward to seeing them sometime. Xx


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