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Mid West meets North West - A rather happy TRIO of Ta-Das!

Monday morning started off in a flurry of creativity. I had planned months and months ago to upcycle a pair of jeans (which had become worn) into a denim skirt. I'd even got as far as cutting and pinning and there is where I stopped.

My poor half-made skirt sat on my desk... I suspect for at least (whispers in shame) six months....
Until, that is, this Monday morning. I had barely waved off the boys with a cheery byeeee when I had set up my sewing machine, braced my courage with tea (I have an uneasy relationship with my sewing machine) and with a deep breath - CoMpLeTeD my SKIRT!  Even did a fashionably 'distressed' patch on a hole in the fabric.

Just don't inspect too closely, even I can see it is not perfect, but for me - I am happy and to prove it I danced around in it like a loon - the cats were a little alarmed, but not enough to leave their vigil next to the log burner...

Inspired by my huge small success I moved onto my next crafty thing. This one is a more recent plan after seeing somewhere in tinter-land something called 'Boot-bling' and falling instantly in love with the very idea of it.
So, with a certain belt in mind and my short leather boots to hand - I have made some Boho inspired 'Boot-bling'.
Be still my excited heart!
Me thinks they just might go rather nicely with the denim skirt, black leggings and some boot toppers - ah! I better make some of those (off to check patterns and ideas now...!)

And the little piece of beaded belt left over? Well, seemed to be such a waste to linger in the craft box. So a quick few knots and voila - I now have a Boho bangle - *silly grin on face as we speak*.

Feeling rather super-chuffty with one's self is not quite becoming 
but a grin and a dance in the kitchen and boots that make me happy happy - who cares!!

Well, that was a very good start to my week of 'Not.going.to.work.and.being.crafty.at.HOME!
Just need to improve my selfie-on-a-timer action...

Ta-happy-Da x 3 



  1. WOW! They look absolutely perfect. Can you something with some of my clothes.....?
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Clever, clever girl. Love the skirt and although I've not worn boots since a teenager, yours look lovely. The skirt would look great with one of your handknits. Have a super week and take care.

  3. They look great! I was wondering how you made a skirt out of jeans that is very clever!

  4. Love the boot-bling such a great idea!

  5. All looks brilliant - hope you have a fun week. x

  6. Very productive Monday, and all modelled so beautifully too.

  7. Very creative and they all look brilliant too.

  8. Good bit of upcycling there!

  9. loving all 3 of them but especially the boot bling xx

  10. It all looked terrific this morning. Well done. I did not realise that the outfit was all your own doing. Thought the boots came like that. Fantastic. xx

  11. I love the boot bling, but I won't be joining you in making a recycled jeans skirt ..... I haven't owned a pair of jeans for years!!

  12. What a great trio of Ta Dah!! Very talented! xx

  13. I love it all! Congrats on finishing your skirt, your bottom half looks very funky :D xx

  14. Brilliant stuff! Well done - it all looks fantastic. I wish I was brave enough to make the changes to garments that I dream up but never actually do.


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