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A bit of a quiet Ta-Da!

The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of work and foul weather then, 
finally - the weekend. 
We spent it quietly avoiding yet more rain. 
Saturday was wet again, 
constant drizzle with a rare glimpse of sunshine which as soon as was noted, vanished
...without a trace. 
Chores at home were tackled, lists were made, meals eaten.
I am still trying to catch up from a sort of tired that makes you feel tired to the bones.
a quiet buzz of creativity was tickling my fingertips
seemed silly not to use that energy.
In the corner, a 'pask-tree' has taken over. 
A simple scandinavian inspired spring arrangement with feathers and vintage china hens eggs. 
And to help banish the grey skies - I lit a candle,
it is amazing how a small flickering flame can warm a room.

Sunday saw an unexpected fall of snow. 
Despite the skies still being overcast everything looked brighter thanks to reflective light.
Annoyingly the rain soon paid to that and returned, 
washing most of the snow down the road!
Today, Monday I am home - I've taken a few days off 
and fully plan to FILL them to the BRIM
(and catching up with sleep :) 

Happy happy :)

Vase - charity shop find
Cup and saucer - gift 
Moss - from my now sadly finished hyacinth arrangement
Twig - garden
Feathers - collected from various walks
Happiness rating - looking very good :)

Finally - before I forget, welcome to my new followers - it is lovely to see you - welcome to my corner of the world xx

Have lovely and Happy Monday!

hawthorn  xxxxxxxxxxx

Hmmm - not sure why I can not remove the snowfall widget.... will try again.
Edited to add..
*yay - did it -  removed the widget, but actually had to do the grown up thing of GoinG into THE HTML thingy IN.THE.BACK....oooh errr scary stuff - but I am now snow free :)


  1. I've just had a very restful four days off filled with the very same things, I hope you get to enjoy your break just as much x

  2. Very dark and dismal here too, we lit a candle and had the lovely scent wafting around the house whilst hunkering down under the blankie with him watching TV and me knitting.

  3. Nice Scandinavian arrangement, you clever girl. Yes Sunday's snow was a surprise... enjoy your time at home. Fiddling with HTML is fun!

  4. Love the whole corner arrangement. Any chance of putting your previous stars back on, I loved the way they followed the cursor. Enjoy your days off. xx

  5. It is lovely to take things that you already have and to make them into a new arrangement to refresh things isn't it. Yours looks very pretty, I love the candle in your teacup, very cute! xx

  6. What a lovely arrangement and a nice way to display feathers. You'd love the pink and grey ones from our galahs. Glad to see you having a restfull few days off and pursuing the things you love and hope you see a bit more sunshine soon. Have a good week and take care.

  7. The arrangement is very beautiful and very hygge!x

  8. It will be Spring soon!
    Hope you had a good day off xx

  9. Enjoy your few days off! Hope you get plenty of rest ;)


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