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Good bye May - it's been fun - Well HeLLo June!!

May - you have kept me busy, the sun has shone - brilliantly and the garden grown (and needed watering). By the looks of things, May has kept you on your toes too.

I thought I would firstly....

Welcome my new followers, I am always amazed (and gratified) that people actually read and comment on my wafflings - so thank you - you make me go ... squeeeeeeee!

And secondly a quick round up of our Scavenger hunt and a reminder of what I am up to during June.

Jak from Jak's Tales had a wealth of stories from Africa including a lovely one of her meeting Lady Olave Baden-Powell. Susan from Granny Smith's Quilting quite astounded us at the depth of an open cast mine she'd photographed - I have had to go back and have another look - there is the teeniest tiniest HUGE mining truck at the bottom of that hole!

Julie of Julie's Scrapbook had a excellent selection of images and one that caught my attention was her 'Group' picture. It was of ducks and she said ...... Group of ducks is called a "skein", "string" "team" or "flock" ... I never knew the collective noun for ducks could be skeins or strings or teams! You learn something new every day!

Fiona from Made in a Muddle joined us for the first time this month and provided some lovely stories and pictures - my favourite was the blurred hands as they busily crocheted away :) Lovely Lady once again filled her post with pictures of her busy life, I always stand in awe at what she achieves!

Fil from With a Song to Sing (and a Story to Tell) joined us again this month, her choice of piano was lovely, three pianos and three stories for the price of one word :). Welcome to Barb who had struggled to link up however she managed, well done Barb! She used her recent holiday in the Outer Hebrides (a favourite place of mine) to supply most of her images.

Well done everyone, another good month of stories and pictures and if you didn't visit any of the participating 'photo hunters' please do - we all love comments and meeting new folk!

Now, next month - June, I am participating in a challenge of posting a 'wild themed' story a day.  Organised by the Wildlife Trusts UK, I am taking part as a '30 Days Wild Blogger' as Hawthorn.
I hope you'll visit and comment and be inspired to 'go wild'.

Our own photo challenge for June is also wild life themed but fortunately for you it is back to just the 10 words! The list, as usual, is up on the right hand side of this page.



  1. Thanks Kate for the hunts & look forward to seeing your 30 Days Wild, but glad it's not me at the moment, as it is howling wind outside & supposed to be cold & wet(hail also) today, so wild enough for me as winter is nearly here. I so enjoy seeing everyone's interpretations & it's like going on holidays to far off places. Have a good week & take care.

  2. Thanks for hosting the hunt, it was fun taking part...hope to be back next month.

  3. I'd love to join in, do you have any format to follow as in the photos being taken recently or can they be old archived ones? What time of the month do you put this up, I can't seem to see a link to tell me.
    Whoops, just found a date for June :)


    1. Hi Diana, you are more than welcome to join in - the premise is - I provide a list of 10 words and you then scavenge/hunt down a suitable picture. It can be a current one or one from the archives, then having found your photo, you waffle a little story to go with it. Then, usually on the last Friday of the month, I add a link up party where you can add your name to the other hunters. The link up stays open for a few days and we all visit and comment on each others posts. You are encouraged to 'think outside the box' so if you think the link between your picture and the word is tenuous - don't worry - it will probably be perfect! If you go to my 'labels' (on the right hand bar beneath the blog archive list) you can have a look and see what has happened in the previous months. I did try and email you directly however for some reason I could not get on to your email x

  4. I agree with Fiona's comment. Thanks for June's words. I already have a headache trying to think 'out of the box' interpretation for each word! Rain might be the easily one to do........

  5. Hello Summertime...and hello cold and wet......just when you thought that the weather was looking up a bit!!

  6. Loved your round up waffle and glad new bloggers are joining us. Xx


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