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Now for something different

What a lovely selection of stories and photographs again, I am always delighted when I read through everyone's posts.  Such a wealth of vignettes and memories.  If you missed any of these posts, please do go and visit, you won't be disappointed.

Jak's Tales gave everyone a chuckle when she told her story of a rabbit called 'TDR',  which amused me too as it is one from my childhood.  Lovely Lady never fails to amaze me what she gets up to. She is (and I know she won't mind me saying this) a slightly built lady but - hell -  she packs a punch. How she manages to build stone walls when most of the stone probably weighs more than her - I shall never know!

Aril from Gnat Bottomed Towers (brilliant name) joined us for the first time and provided some excellent quirky interpretations.  Aril has a knack for finding the eccentric and downright odd - an enjoyable read.  Julie from Julie's Scrapbook had me all excited when she shared her 'mechanical' - 'Speedweve' I got all giddy and with her help am getting myself one.  Curious? So was I - go and check out her Scavenger Hunt post.

Susan from Granny Smith's Quilting shared a very varied selection this month - she does gad about and find some interesting images! My favourite was certainly the rusty 'Squiggles'. Last, but not least, J from SimpleNaturalHandmade did hers in a montage style again - I really do like that. Her stories of her dogs, crochet and life are a pleasure to read.

Edited to  add ... Fil from Fil Place joined in, a little late, but who cares, she has a lovely post full of beautiful photos and words, please pop over and have a look x

Thank you every one.

Now for something different.

Over the months I have been sent suggestions for inclusion in the list of words I put up each month.  I now have a goodly selection which I will present to you.

The instructions this month are slightly different but the end result will be the same.

The list is much longer than usual, however PLEASE ONLY CHOOSE TEN WORDS.  I have omitted 'My own choice' this month as the selection is so wide and encompassing. This should be fun. Our deadline date will be - Friday May 26th. Remember - choose only 10 words from the list.

My Wildlife Campaign
June is slightly different again - I take part in the #30DaysWild run by The Wildlife Trusts each June. So, along with hundreds of other folk, post a photo a day on a theme of nature.

As normal, I will put up our regular list of 10 words for June which will be also on a theme of the great outdoors.  I am not asking you to take part in the  #30DaysWild but do suggest you have a look and see what is going on.

I will remind every one of details nearer the time, 
until then - here are May's Mega-list of aMazing words -Enjoy!!

  1. Lichen
  2. Glass
  3. Piano
  4. Group
  5. Valley
  6. Vast
  7. Green
  8. Avocado
  9. Ray
  10. Bush
  11. Silhouette
  12. Steam
  13. Chocolate cupcake
  14. Wave
  15. Deep
  16. Bark
  17. Weave
  18. Stitch
  19. Modern
  20. Suitcase
  21. Time
  22. Sharp
  23. Long

Finally (if you have stuck with me this long - well done you, a medal for perseverance is in the post),
a photo from my weekend.

Moss sitting on the bench in the greenhouse - only the best spot would do....


  1. Next month looks interesting.

    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. You've got weave twice on your list 😕

    1. You had me checking! There is weave and wave :)

  3. Oops sorry one is wave!! A fault I seem to have developed as I get older. I don't read things properly. 😕

    1. No, don't worry, I had typed out the list several times and when I was proofreading it, the spelling mistooks were rather rife, so I fully expected to see weave twice :) x

  4. What a lovely Miss Moss Picture. She gets more beautiful as she settles into her new life with you and becomes more confident. Less angst in her deep brown expressive eyes.

    Don't worry Blue and Yellow Morning, I also read wave and weave as being the same till I went back and checked. Definitely an age thing. xx

  5. I've seen the speedweve before, it's very natty

  6. Oh no! I'll have to read this very carefully but, as you, my reading skills are lacking! Yes I can move huge stones but reading correctly, not me!! I'll do my best for you dear leader. I have read this list but missed both weave and wave... Hope you will be patient with me. Miss Moss looks lovely.

  7. Wow, yes a mega list, but I don't like too many choices(sob), as I procrastinate too much. Only ten, but which ten? Wonder I could read any at all, as I've to get new glasses & they knocked my socks off with how much I need to spend. I've not had to get new ones since 2011 & I think it's ludicrous. I must pop over to a few others who did the Hunt, but can't seem to get one to come up, but I'll try again. Thanks & take care.

  8. A beautiful picture of Moss.

  9. I am in a quandary , should I , could I, my photography skills are not brilliant but I do love the idea of having a ist and choosing 10. I have popped over to the others but have yet to leave a comment. Loved looking through them and I so enjoy reading your blog. Husband interested too

  10. I'm back!!! I've re-read the instructions and noted the number (10) and the date! I've written out all 23 words and have selected 2 already (but I'm not going to tell you!). Correction just selected my third word, so only 7 to go. Oh, think I might have 5 words selected now! So at least I am trying!!!


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