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The fickleness of knitting friends

I have been rather quiet on the knitting front, mainly because painting has been taking precedence, partly because gardening has called and somewhat because what I'd been knitting just wasn't... wasn't. Wasn't happening.

I knew I was pushing it with the amount of wool I had, I knew it was way less than the pattern insisted on but I thought that it would make a lovely and natty little shawlette. With that happy little thought in my head, I knitted away, the feather and fan pattern falling off the needles in a jolly wavy motion. My plan had been this shawlette would lounge beautifully on my shoulders during cooler summer holiday evenings, it would twirl it's feathery magic around my neck - oh the shawlette and I would be firm friends and have such fun together.

Then... the ball of wool ended. Just like that. Bam. Gone. Done. And the shawlette looked shamefacedly at me, it was barely a 'kerchief never mind a shawlette. It took me all of 30 seconds of indecision, then I reached for the end and pulled it back. The horror on the faces of the other ladies at our knit and natter was worth the weeks of knitting.  Hey ho.
So, no knitting or crochet for about a week. In a strange sort of way it felt rather liberating. Gardening and painting kept my hands and my mind busy. Then .... I felt that knitting itch, that itch that quietly grows until it is beyond shushing or ignoring and the only cure is to dive into the stash, head first and open handed! So that is what I did.
The pattern choice was an easy one. The same day I'd demolished the shawlette, I'd been given two lovely books filled with shawls, scarves, haps and cowls. I was spoilt for choice. I'd looked at each one, weighing up the design and gauging my 'need'. Two shawls stepped up to the mark and this one called to me a little louder.  
 It is a gentle, rhythmic knit. A deep and simple lace border, a strong dividing line then a gradually increasing shawl.
Tuesday evening was a delicious warm and sunny one, a delightful contrast to the chilly start of the day. It seemed perfect to take my new best friend out to snap a photo or two. My new best friend who will grace my shoulders during the cooler summer holiday evenings, who will twirl it's magic around my neck - oh the shawl and I will be firm friends and have such fun together.

And yes, I have PLENTY of wool this time .... I checked.


  1. Ooooh, I do like that. Like you as well as other stuff I do, I need to knit or crochet too. Such pretty wool & pattern. Maybe a beanie or hat from your blue wool or put it with something else. Take care.

  2. It's the most awful feeling having to rip something out when you're well along .... good on you. And i hope you and your friend have lots of fun this summer lol

  3. Enjoy your time with the shawlette , it will adorn your shoulders you will feel secure in the knowledge it was made by your own fair hands. Have a good week.

  4. It's lovely to read a post like this, it's a language only knitters and crocheters could understand! I admire the fact that you knitted until the yarn ran out. When I think I might run out of yarn I tend to put the project to one side and it becomes a long term wip without ever discovering whether it would have been enough! Irrational I know! Love the new shawl, gorgeous colour!

  5. oooh that I like. the colour the pattern everything! what is the book? and the yarn? more info required. us knitters are very information greedy!

  6. Shawlette coming on well. I too witnessed the horror and protestations at Hawthorns decision to rip the first one all back. I compared it to a tree growing, takes years and years yet only moments to chop it down. xx

  7. That is such a shame!!! It hurts me when I do that!

    this new one is looking delightful!!!!

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  8. I currently have the spinning rather than the knitting bug and my stash is steadily growing. Your new shawl looks lovely.

  9. I understand the need to pull back work that does not work! I've two scarves on the go and think I will pull each one back... I have enough yarn but for one of them I've fallen out of love with the colours and the other one I've realised will be too skinny as a scarf and therefore not warm enough for me! At least it can be re-used for another project. I can confirm the new shawlette is a delight.


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