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First chrimbly card - the alternative advent 13

We celebrated our annual knit and natter festive lunch on the 5th December and cards were handed around (well - the more organised handed them out and the less organised sort of shuffled her feet and made excuses (me)).

Any hoo, although I had a few to open, this one was the first out of the envelope, so this one has the honour! (thank you Gillian!)

Now, I better sort this year's cards out.....

Joining in with Julie's Advent Calendar 2017


  1. I know what you mean......shuffling her feet too. I am going to do mine this morning so I can post them this afternoon

    Julie xxxxxx

  2. That is such a lovely card and very original too.
    Good luck with sorting out your cards, I love doing it … once it’s done. x

  3. Sorry Gillian, I opened my identical card but held it sideways and thought it was a fish!!! Been watching Blue Planet 2 and have got used to seeing really weird fish!

  4. Gillian's card is wonderful! She was kind enough to deliver it to me yesterday and for her troubles she had a brew and mince pie! I had meant to make some new design cards this year but life got in the way!

  5. Sorry I got distracted by Jak's comment - I'm looking for the fish lol Lovely card

  6. You're all making me feel so unorganised ass I've not started my Xmas cards yet (naughty me), but I do have 2 to show tomorrow, which both arrived the same day. Take care.


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