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Stained Glass Window - the alternative advent 5

A couple of years ago, I borrowed a couple of liquid chalk pens and made our own 'stained glass window'.  Best seen at night as during the day it had less impact - think I might do it again this year :) Watch this space!

Joining in with Julie's Advent Calender pop over HERE to see what is going :)


  1. Hi. Blog hopping from Sue's blog The Cottage at the End of a Lane. I just had to say what a BRILLIANT idea this is. I would be tempted to either leave it there all year or change it with the seasons.

  2. I remember you doing that & showing on your blog & loved it. It stays light here for too long at this time of year to have any impact. Anyway, you know I'm not artistic.(giggle).

  3. Yes please, do it again as I never got to see the original.....

  4. Oh I love that Kate ... yes, please, do it again.

  5. Liquid chalk, never heard about them before. What a lovely idea.

  6. Beautiful, yes please do it again for this year. It looked gorgeous when we saw it on Christmas Day. xx

  7. Oh that is lovely! What a super idea!!x


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