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Love grows here

Thank you every one for your lovely comments and positive feedback for my little books and I am rather happy to say I have since been invited to take part of a small fayre, with them, at the end of next month - I better get making and introduce them to the world!

On a different note - thought I would share some photos from last week at the walled garden (a favourite holistic place of mine) - I am lucky to volunteer with some other wonderful ladies who feel the same way as I do.

Even in the rain, the garden glows in jewel colours and exudes a wonderful calmness. 
This final photo I can not take credit for - it is from the National Trust facebook page.
Image may contain: plant, flower, tree, outdoor and nature

..."Our walled garden is awash with colour and alive with pollinator activity.
See if you can spot any colourful, bee friendly areas when you’re out and about this weekend! "...

Just a short bit of waffle today - have a good week and hope you get to spend time somewhere you love.


  1. Love all the calendula, so bright and sunny, even on a cloudy day.

  2. Your waffle, long or short, is always a delight to read! Do you know someone with a drone/camera to take an aerial view of the walled garden? I think I caught a glimpse of the chive wave...

  3. Garden looking good. Rain came just in time. Love the last picture from the web page but do they mention that it is a scarecrow doing all the work because if not people will wonder at his rather odd posture!!! xx

  4. Looks lovely & with your rain should keep growing nicely. Have a good weekend, take care & I'll be back on my blog on Friday.


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