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April's words and photos

Welcome to April's words and photos - enjoy

A lonely little hawthorn has a staggeringly beautiful view.

An almost perfect reflection in the canal late one evening.

Watching the sun setting after an evening's bumble up to the Dales

Recently there has been a spate of abandoned gloves, I have taken photos of about six or seven.

My own Choice
The last thing you see when you are a dog biscuit .....


  1. Lump in throat this morning at the beauty of your images.
    How poignant to see your boys are now young men and your little pack has expanded its numbers. More for Moss to round up?
    Well done on the last photo - can you get her to pose or was that split-second timing with the camera?

  2. I too have a collection of photos of abandoned pieces of clothing, although here it seems to be shoes not gloves. Bridge and Mine are both beautiful atmospheric images.

    Did you eat the loaf?

  3. Wonderful photos, it's that time of year when people abandon gloves, we've seen one or two around recently. Your last photo made me smile:)

  4. Great photos, the first one is beautiful and the last one made me giggle :)

  5. Beautiful photographs, Kate. X

  6. I love your selection this month, especially 'Mine' and I would like to add to that comment....they are 'Mine too'. Its a gorgeous photograph. Love the Moss being a wolf impersonation too. xxx

  7. Lovely photos as usual. Moss looks very scary. My favourite??? The Bridge of course.

  8. I love your selection Kate & wonder "who" took the Mine photo, as it's great. Wow, that is a big mouth to get me with, Moss. The green dales do it for me every time with longing to be there & your bridge reflection is lovely. Have a good weekend & take care.

  9. Beautiful reflection and loving the mine one. The Moss one made me smile.

  10. Mine is a beautiful family photo and wow, I wouldn't want to be a dog biscuit. Hee hee. :)

  11. A lovely selection and I've enjoyed seeing them all but the bridge is just right for a postcard.

  12. What wonderful pictures! The bridge is stupendous, the photo for "mine" is really beautiful, and I am so happy not to be one of Moss's biscuits!!! Sandrine

  13. Such lovely photos, and that dog biscuit must have been a very yummy treat!


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