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Morning Monday

Crisp underfoot
Crisp air

Icy cheeks 
Icy fingers and nose tip 
Freezing hot air in my lungs 
Clear brittle cold skies 
Never have I been so pleased with the cold,
a lizard, 
a cat,
a fire side creature.

We have walked every day this weekend and it was brilliant.

Thank you everyone who joined in with last month's scavenger hunt - once again there were wonderful photos and stories - it has been such a delight seeing and reading all your posts all through the year. 

As I mentioned that the scavenger photo hunt is being rested for December - I am sure we all have enough to do during this month. However, I will be doing a 'Five on Friday - Gratitude' on each Friday, a gentle round up of the week and what has made me feel happy and grateful. If you fancy joining in, just let me know and if there is enough interest, I'll do a link up with that post - shall leave it in your hands :)

I best get on, the next two weeks are already shaping up to be busy and it is only the second day in December!

Have lovely and Happy Monday


  1. I'll try to do the Five on Friday. This week I'm grateful for my thermals! Presume photos of the Five are not required!

    1. Nooooooooooooooooo! Photos are optional!! hahah

    2. Thank goodness that photos are optional!

  2. Think I'd like to join in too. I've been a bit behind with blogging lately & should take advantage & catch up on a few of our recent bits in between a few more holiday posts. Thank you, take care & huggles.

  3. Hooray for walking! Hooray for enjoying it!

    Greetings from Snow Country!

  4. It's been such a beautiful weekend. We've been out walking too. X


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