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Five on Friday - Gratitude

A gentle way to end the week - to be grateful for small pleasures over the past seven days which have made my life a happier place.

Fruit cake, cheese and coffee
A hug in a mouthful. If you've not tried it - why not? And how soon can you give it a go? Heartily recommended.

Stout walking boots
Been walking a lot this year - as part of my #walk1000miles and particularly now, as the deadline looms, I have to knuckle down to over 4 miles daily to make sure I complete. With the shorter daylight hours, commitments and general December busy-ness, we are doing a lot of dark walks. Knowing my boots will keep my feet warm and dry make it so much easier.

The rhythmic action of hooking the yarn along the row - very calming and almost meditative. Allows me to think, satisfies that 'downtime stress syndrome' demon, keeps my fingers busy and my lap warm. It also seems to satisfy a certain small cat who deems it necessary to weigh down any crochet work as part of her daily routine....

Decent hand cream
My hands suffer this time of the year and lately have taken a real hammering. - I have recently inherited the family eczema (I am late to the party) and now the tips of the fingers of my left hand are cracking and splitting. As long as I slather on the cream and top up target places after every time my hands are wet - it seems to be working.

Cat Purr
There is nothing more comforting.

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  1. Yes please to fruit cake but I'd eat the cheese later! It was over 30 years ago when I was offered cheese with a piece of Christmas cake and I still find it a weird combination! You are so right about the pleasures of crochet and a cat purring.

  2. Lovely things to be grateful for.

  3. Lovely things to be grateful for.

    My hands suffer, especially in winter. So I have to keep remembering to put on the cream! It pays off!

    🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄

  4. Indeed these are great things to be thankful for.

  5. Wensleydale cheese? What we have with Christmas cake.

  6. Sorry I didn't get to join in. Time just got away. I too find crochet a good down time stressbuster & need another lot to keep me sane. Something is coming my way as a Xmas present, to very excited. Have you tried using Neutrogena for your hands. Being a chronic chillblain sufferer, which make your fingers so dry, cracked & split, I find it very good. Ooh, can't get Wensleydale here in Oz, but I love it, also with apple pie or on top of blueberry jam, homemade of course.(giggle). I'll try & join in next week. Thanks, take care & huggles.

  7. Lots of lovely things to be grateful for!


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