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Bath time is for weaklings

Moss - lover of all things wet and muddy.
Splasher of puddles.
Dunker of streams.
Wallower of quagmires.
Slayer of mud.
Dipper and diver, swimmer and wader, it is essential our walks include anything 'water' - miss that at our peril .
She is 100% purebred working border collie but entirely otter, wholly Labrador and part fish.

Bath time.

Oh the shame. 
The cruelty. 
The torture. 
The deception and betrayal...

The laughter!

PS. no dogs were hurt in this post 
....apart from their dignity 
which was fully restored at the offer of a piece of dog 'chocolate' 
and a cuddle.... 

Idiotic dog.......

with thanks to cameron.a.s for additional photos


  1. Moss has heard about those mad people who swim on New Year's Day at various freezing spots around Britain. But you are so cruel, making her bath. Bathing is for whimps. But then there is the reward afterwards..................helps make up for it!!!

  2. I wondered yesterday, about the "State Of The Dog," after that fun romp!!!!! -grin-

    This, had to have happened!!!!


  3. When I worked fulltime the owners of the company had two rescue collies. One year they hired a narrow boat and Tess jumped from it to the bank except that she missed and she couldn't swim. It was lifejackets for her after that! Arilx

  4. Moss you are fabulous and I love to hear and see your adventures.

  5. What a great life you have Moss. Hand servants and treats; I might see if I can move in but I don't like water....

  6. Moss is amazing! I think the last photo says it all, she really loves the end result.


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